Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cavalock Takes A Break at Excelsior

The Tokyo weather was certainly …er… memorable. Was freezing cold, cloudy or rainy for most days except for 2 days when it was freezing cold and sunny. Temperature went as low as 2C and never crossed over to two digits. Had to buy a S$16 pair of oversized gloves from the convenience store.

Geez, I just realised I never had my usual royal milk tea bottle drink this trip but I did drop by my favourite café for hot drinks and breakfast more than once. A cup of their very thick and delicious Tiramisu latte on day one afternoon.

Followed by breakfast the next morning, nice runny egg sandwich with a yummy sweet potato muffin.

Here's Ueno train station, with a little sakura exhibition. Discovered a couple of cool shops here. Bought a pair of cool glasses by Japanese brand Jin's Global.
And a really nice sushi joint. Now you know why I can never be a good food blogger. I can never remember to take down the address or name of the place. I did try to get the name but it's in Japanese. Well, it's upstairs at the station's Food Atrium, there's a row of eating joints just above Hard Rock Cafe (yah, HRC is in the station). The sushi place is right next to a Korean joint. What you get is good fresh sushi at a lunch time low offer price.
Next up, it's all things yakitori!


red fir said...

Who cares about blogging? Just eat! The sushi look awesome... even the fish plate is so cool hehe.

dilutedmagnetics said...

Wahhh... that super thick tiramisu drink is just killing me. If I could have one, my cold will surely be cured. LOL!

Cavalock said...

Glad you all like the pix! <^;^>