Friday, March 20, 2009

Cavalock and A Week in Tokyo

First off, apologies to Danny Choo for borrowing his popular 'A Week In Tokyo' series, just for this week. <^;^> As you can guess, it's a bunch of pix I took during the week I was in Tokyo.

First stop outside the Narita Airport waiting for the Airport Limo (it's really just a bus) to the hotel in Shinjuku.

My first lunch was a really simple and cheap affair, duck udon.

My first nite's dinner on the other hand, was a much more expensive affair. Udon hot-pot kinda thing in a fancy restaurant.

Celebrating Girl's Day or Doll Festival in Tokyo or rather in my hotel lobby.

One of the few days when it was bright and sunny, outside Shinjuku's station, the world's busiest station!

Here's another vending machine shot for the collection.

The expensive part of Harajuku. Lots of luxury, branded stuff. No need to go to Ginza for that.

Yup, even the desserts on display look fancier than these. Don't you think so?

Lots of new games and other electronic stuff at Akihabara. Remember, shop around to get the best deals, there don't seem to be any fixed prices.

Breakfast at one of the cafes, near the hotel.

Spring is coming! First sign of it along the streets....

And to welcome spring, here's a neat little spring flower arrangement exhibition in the hotel.

Another shot of a depachika, just can't live without them!

That's Takashimaya Times Square, houses Taka (of cos), Tokyu Hands, HMV and Kinokuniya. I can spend an entire day there or rather, I have spent entire days there. Really.

Another shop I always visit whenever I'm there, the Yodabashi video game shop in Shinjuku. Those huge posters are of video game releases, and I always take a pix of them. Kinda like movie posters.

And here's (part of ) the top floor of the Yodabashi shop, yah, its all gashapon now BUT BUT BUT years ago, it was all PORN! Saw them all during my earlier trips. Then I remember going up all the way to the top on one of my later trips and was so crushed when I found out that the porn's all gone! Hah!

Same part of Shinjuku at nite, right after my yakitori dinner.


the arts and crafts experiment said...

i just saw your comment over at my blog! i am very happy for you!!! yay! you can join us for lunch now :-) let's all see each other soon. i also want to hear the rest of your stories about japan and what you plan to do next! take care! and see you soon!

Cavalock said...

yah, hope to meet up real soon too. call or sms me when u free.