Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cavalock And All Things Yakitori

Spent almost an entire day at one of my favourite Tokyo big stores, Tokyu Hands. Here we have a bunch of mini-yakitori grills on sale. Guess which one I bought. Yup, I actually bought a electric yakitori grill. One of those guys is sitting on my living room table now. Saw it at Tokyu Hands on day one and couldn’t really decide till a few days later cos needed to check the remaining luggage space and all that.

The part of Shinjuku near the main train station is a great place to grab some equally great food. Right where the popular Yodabashi electronic shops are. Lots of restaurants, big and small. There were touts yelling and shoving menus in front of groups of salarymen, kinda like our satay touts at Lau Pa Sat. Really. Didn’t know which yakitori joint (there were lots) to try so did the only thing that made sense. Look for one with an English menu!

Found a couple and finaly settled on one. Yah, I know, didn’t take down the name again. One surprising little fact. In Japan, I guess when they say ‘yakitori’, they really mean ‘chicken’ and just chicken. Almost all the meat-on-the-stick on the menu is chicken. Very nice chicken, esp the chicken patty one. No asparagus maki but another one of my fav is the bacon-wrapped-round-mushroom-stem. The mushroom stem was really juicy. Don’t think I have ever seen anything like it back home before.

Oh yah, they also have horse sashimi too. And no, I didn’t have any.


dilutedmagnetics said...

Just buy lah, if there isn't enough luggage space, ship it home :)

Cavalock said...

well, i did buy it! the top left one!

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Danny said...

Great! I'm going to japan this coming OCT and plan on going to Tokyu hands as well to buy a yakatori grill! you said it's on sale, how much was it? any other interesting stuff you found in tokyu hands?