Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cavalock and The Nestlings Expedition

Hey, look what finally came in the mail! It's my self-published photo books (via featuring my 79-year-old Dad's wildlife photos. Each book is a 68-page softcover with lots of color pix of local birds and their nesting habits. Some of the bird pix can already be found in my previous posts right here. I did the editing, layouts and everything else myself so I suppose there are parts that might appear rather amateurish. :P

I ordered just five copies from and it's pretty expensive at slightly over US$150 for them. Planning to use them as samples to show to any local publishers who might be interested in printing them. Here's hoping that if there's anyone out there who wants to check out a copy, can just email me. I'm ready to meet up anywhere on the island. Would sure appreciate any help from anyone out there who can give me a lead on any kind publishers. You can email me at and thanks in advance!

Here's a sneak peek at part of the intro I wrote and some pix.

When I decided to do a photo book showcasing my Dad’s wildlife shots, I thought this would be an appropriate topic, after all it’s about parents, their offspring and there is after all some relevance here, and also because I had a ton of really cool pictures to choose from. 

My 79-year-old Dad has always been an avid photographer for as long as I can remember. But he took his last shot with his old Nikon SLR camera over ten years ago and has left it in the dry box ever since. It was shortly after my Mom passed away from cancer in 2011 that he decided to rekindle his hobby and picked up his first DSLR a year later at the age of 78. The Nikon DSLR he had his eye on wasn’t available so he went with a Canon DSLR and you can see some of the results in this book. By the way, none of them were “photoshoped” in any way although my Dad did ask me what exactly was a “photoshop” and if we could do it too. I told him we couldn’t afford the software. Hah!

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