Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cavalock and The Giant Mutant Fish Snack

It's a Kaiju post as we get ready for the big summer movie Pacific Rim celebrating all things big and monstery! Anybody who knows me knows I'm as big a geek as they come, so I thought I'll do a post on where you can find some creatures right here that are as close to a Kaiju as possible.

There is a small but rather healthy population of giant monitor lizards over at Sungei Buloh. These slow moving critters are at least 1.5m long and according to my 79-year-old Dad who took all these pictures, you can see a few sunbathing there most of the time. There are crocs around too and the pix below are of how a lizard came across what's left of a giant mutant fish that a couple of crocs were snacking on earlier.

Pretty neat eh? I bet not many people know about this. My Dad said these giant lizards can actually be found in other places around the island including the Chinese Gardens. Tourists from China would point and scream at them, joggers would run screaming away from them, etc. I think my Dad gets a kick outta being up close and personal with them.

And here's a tasty snack that would seem appropriate if you gonna be watching Pacific Rim. Deep fried eel bones done Japanese style found at Paragon Marketplace supermarket!

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