Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cavalock and The Green Tin Vexation

One way of finding good food in a foreign country is to always look out nor just long queues of locals, but also for newspapers cuttings and whatever kinda food awards plastered all over the stall. Granted that it's all subjective but so far it has kinda worked out for us in Penang.

Well, a couple streets down from our little hotel Campbell House is the bustling morning Chowrasta Market where we found the famous Uncle Lim churning out traditional popiah skins faster than a popiah roll disappearing at a weight-watchers' meeting. Seems like this master craftsman has been at it for 50 years. Throughly enjoyed the one filled with peanut candy.

And now this. My ultimate impulse buy (don't ask how much I paid for it) for the trip and I don't even like M&Ms that much. It's just that the green tin looks so damn attractive. The moment I saw it at the airport, I was already contemplating what gaming miniatures or Lego pieces to fill them with. Had quite a shock when I found our local shops here selling the yellow and red ones a lot cheaper. Fingers crossed that the green tin doesn't show up here. ;)

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