Monday, November 09, 2015

Cavalock and The Cream Puff Throwback

Nothing better than doing it old school. Really enjoyed these 'traditional' cream puffs back when I was a kid. Yah, there's Papa Beard these days but finding these from my childhood was really cool, best part is they are at Lavender MRT station and that's only less than five-minute walk from my apartment.

These babies from Poh Guan Bakery are packed and filled to the bloody brim with my favourite custard cream, unlike the Papa Beard ones which are often 'airier' and lighter. Not a bad deal for only S$1.30 each. Tried to do mine almost a decade and you can see the results here.

I know I haven't been posting much wildlife pix by my 83-year-old Dad for awhile now. Obviously cos of the recent haze situation, there really aren't many opportunities to snap any decent shots. My Dad even asked me last month to go online and find out where the birds are.Well, haze's gone (for now) and the sun's back so bring on the pic.

Yes, he's doing exactly what you think he's doing.

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