Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cavalock and The Chee Cheong Fun Conundrum

One of the best things we had in George Town, Penang was one of our last meals there. Blazing hot Sunday morning just before heading to the airport, we chanced upon this chee cheong fun stall near our hotel so I figured 'hey, why not?'. The last one I had there a couple days ago was just so-so and this one looked pretty popular judging by the number of newspaper cuttings plastered across the stall.

So good and different from what we have here in Singapore. The rich blend of sweet sauce and hae koe aka shrimp paste or better known as rojak sauce was exquisite. Which brings me to the all-important question of why the heck can't we have this here?!? Why do all the chee cheong fun in Singapore taste the same? No one here thought of enhancing it by adding rojak sauce?

Proof we didn't just stuff our faces all day long in Penang. Some pix of random places where clouds gather and the air is as fresh and clean as you can get.

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