Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cavalock and The Tokyo All-Booze Edition

One thing I can never get enough of in Tokyo is booze. I hardly drink in Singapore but when I'm there, every dinner (and the occasional lunch) is accompanied by a satisfying cool mug of Japanese beer or like this recent trip, glasses of glorious highball cocktails. The wide selection of local beer is incredible and cheap too if you are comparing with what we have to pay back home. Like when in a restaurant, you look at their drinks menu and every single thing on it looks so cheap!

Of cos you know this is a real drinking country when you see the above whisky being sold in giant two-litre plastic bottles. Yah, the kind we are used to see filled with cooking oil instead at NTUC. Not in Japan, them plastic bottles are made for good ol' whisky!

So yah, I had a little more whisky this time and I even bought the above bottle of Hibiki 17 at quite a ridiculous price simply because it comes in a special edition design bottle. Well, now we are thinking of a special occasion or reason to start chugging it. Oh wait, you don't chug whisky, do you? I'm still new at this. <^;^>

Well, most of the above pix I took about 4 months ago where I kept going "hmmm ... which should I buy back to the hotel room?". The ones below are from this latest booze run.

And now this. Spotted at the famous Tsukiji Market, the one and only Death Sauce!! (with double exclamation points)


imp said...

WAH. Those bottles of whisky are gigantic! Am so tickled by it.

Cavalock said...

They take their drinks seriously. Will read some of your old whisky posts, maybe learn a thing or two. :)

imp said...

Naaah. Read the proper whisky blogs! I hold very subjective opinions. :P