Monday, August 17, 2015

Cavalock and The Beef Breakfast Bargain

Like I said in my last post, al fresco dining was the norm this Tokyo trip. We strolled passed this rather tempting beef bowl (gyu-don) stall facing the main road along Tsukiji outer market one morning four months ago, and made a promise to have breakfast there when we are back in Tokyo. So here we are again!

We made it our first breakfast this trip and reached the popular curb-side stall before 9am. There were two little old ladies manning the stall like the last time. Ordered the above two bowls of gyu-don on a blazing hot morning. I can't remember the last time I had beef for breakfast but I definitely won't forget this for awhile. I really liked this. Good and cheap (about 600 yen a bowl), the aroma and taste also instantly reminded me of corn beef. If you are into corn beef, I dare say you will enjoy this a lot. In the pix below, you can see a giant vat and I believe that's the offal stew. You can read more about the place at this Japanese food blog.

We read online that they are pretty strict bout ... er ... who they serve. I dunno how true that is but we didn't wanna risk a "soup nazi" kinda encounter so the multi-talented baker-in-the-house ordered in Japanese. We carried our bowls across the sidewalk and ate standing while chatting with a Japanese couple, whom we later suspect was having an illicit affair as in the guy's married but we don't think that's his wife. ;)

Anyway we did return for breakfast at Tsukiji yet again a couple days later. Really. This time we had a more "typical" chirashi and umi don breakfast. Later that day, I managed to pick up this little toy vehicle. Thought it would make a nice momento for our early morning visits to the famous market there.

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