Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cavalock and The Japanese Breakfast Cereal Movement

I'm gonna make a crazy predication and say that this is gonna be the next food craze to hit our shores, Japanese breakfast cereals. They look mostly like regular American breakfast cereals but are sold in packs instead of boxes and there are no toys in them. The three brands I noticed on the shelves were Calbee, Nissin and Kellogg's, and they come in various fruits, grains and nuts combinations.

Friends have asked us to purchase a couple of packs for them during our Tokyo trip and off we went scouring the city for them. Well, they were actually pretty easy to find as most pharmacies and toiletry or grocery stores sell them. They are apparently moving out pretty fast so I guess they are popular there too. Breakfast cereals haven't been my thing for awhile now but the baker-in-the-house tried some. She thought it was not bad and definitely "cheaper than a box of Post cereal" back home.

Each pack in Japan is about S$4 to S$6 depending on the size. They are actually on sale here in Singapore but at an insanely high price of S$10 each or more. But you won't find them in your regular NTUC FairPrice or Cold Storage (yet?). I have spotted them at our local Meidi-Ya and Takashimaya event hall below. Looking at how quick they are selling, it looks like folks here do have an appetite for them.

And now this. I may have went a little overboard with my Star Wars shopping spree four months ago in Tokyo. So for this trip, I think I exhibited a wee bit more self-control. Just a couple of cool folders and ... hmmm ... er...  an entire Star Wars helmet display collection.

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