Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cavalock Goes To Indianapolis

Whoa! I'm back here at last. After zero updates for so long, I'm not sure if there's still anyone reading this but it's good to be home after a couple weeks in the US, or Indianapolis and New York to be exact. I was actually back around the end of last month but was busy writing about my once-in-a-lifetime Gen Con 2014 experience for local geek site Here Be Geeks. You can read the 5-part article I wrote here.

I'll probably repeat the same old things as my geek posts but I don't care. Hah! I had an amazing time there, good food and everyone I met was extremely gracious so where do I begin? I guess it'll be more personal and foodie stuff here.

First up is that Indianapolis was a blast. Even though I stayed around Monument Circle and only ventured within a tiny part of the city, I enjoyed every minute of it. Just across the road from the hotel was a row of restaurants, a Starbucks and most importantly, a comic book store!

What I absolutely love about Indianapolis (at least in my vicinity) were the wide open spaces, no high-rise buildings and the relatively tranquil surroundings. There was also hardly any traffic around and I can imagine if not for the convention, the streets would probably be almost empty most of the time. I can honestly say that I like the all-round slower pace of life.

Just look at that! How can you say "no" to clear blue skies like that?!? I gotta admit I was pretty apprehensive about the trip like I mentioned in my last post before leaving the country, but am really grateful that everything turned out, not just fine but fantastic.

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