Monday, September 29, 2014

Cavalock and The New York Korean Food Splurge

Sometimes I do wish I knew someone overseas. When I'm in a faraway city, I thought it would be absolutely smashing if I already knew a friendly local who would show me around. On social media, I see folks I know with friends all around the world and I can imagine how exciting it would be if I'm in a new city, there'll be a familiar face there. Know what I mean? Anyway, in New York we only had one reliable contact to show us around and that's our trusty online friend Mr. Google. Since we were staying in Koreatown, it would be stupid not to try some of the food there and with the beef being good ol' US beef instead of the Aussie meat we have back home, we had to try us some Korean BBQ for sure!

So for dinner Mr. Google directed us to a few popular restaurants along our street, and we hungrily scouted them out before deciding on the one with the most crowd cos everyone knows that means the food must be good, right? And that would be the popular New Wonjo Restaurant right across the road from the our hotel in Midtown West. There was a line leading out the door on the ground floor but we managed to jump it as we were ushered up to the above BBQ floor. Now you know you really blend in with the locals when the restaurant staff start speaking to in their native tongue the moment they see you.

We ordered the Wonju Combo for 2 plus a couple side dishes like that egg pancake thingy. The combo was US$63 and consisted of short rib, sliced beef brisket, sliced ox tongue and pork belly. Gawd, everything was so good especially the ox tongue. An extremely gratifying dinner that I wouldn't mind having again if I'm ever back in the Big Apple.

Presenting the latest obligatory food collage, this time from New York! This may had been a short trip but I'm really glad that I got to savour several proverbial favorites like having breakfast at Dunkin Donuts and enjoying a Smores pie for dessert.

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