Friday, December 23, 2011

Cavalock and The Parisian Breakfast Dilemma


With only four days in Paris to do what I gotta do and once that deed is done, find time to eat and shop, it was pretty hectic but fun! A breakfast in Paris can be pretty expensive, I mean compared to our local breakies. It's like over €5 for a simple breakfast consisting of a croissant or baguette and a coffee. I guess it's the minimum wage thing they have that kinda works for them.

Every breakfast I had in Paris was at a different little cafe near my hotel, and I throughly enjoyed every single one of them. It was too cold for some al fresco dining so I had it nice and cozy indoors, like everyone else. But I'm a big breakfast kinda guy so that miniscule morning set ain't gonna last me till lunch so I end up buying another pastry or two.

Yup, all that is available for breakfast too!
Now before I came to Paris, I had people telling me stories bout how rude or arrogant the French are. Fortunately my experience with the locals were all pleasant. Like when we were looking at some foie gras in a shop window and wondering out loud the best way to prepare it, a nice middle-aged French lady came up and offered us some advice in English.

The only negative experience with the locals was at Rome airport immigration. The guy gave me a barely visible chop in my passport and threw it back at me. Notice I said 'locals', I don't consider the numerous gypsies I encountered in both countries as 'locals' and that's another tale for another day.

Which is your favorite Paris tower??? <^;^>


red fir said...

Merry Christmas!

Cavalock said...

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!