Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cavalock and The European Knockers

What else did I eat in Italy, or Tuscany to be exact, that I really liked? Tuscan soup or ribollita I think, the first one I ordered was like a warm bowl of hearty homegrown, homemade veggie goodness. From what I understand (I could be wrong here), there are more than one version of this traditional broth, depending on the season and availability of local ingredients.

It’s mainly beans and other veggies cooked over a low heat. Then you pour it in a large ovenproof dish with a couple thin layers of bread in it although I think in some joints, they’ll serve the bread on top? Ribollita means ‘re-boiled’ and that’s what you do to the soup, reheating it over a very low heat. People were talking to me while I was having it and I just ignored them. :P

Someone ordered a sea platter that was just amazing. Like the Florentine steak, it was a simple dish yet something I’m won’t ever forget. Some mussels, clams, baby squid, lemon, garlic, spices and I’m pretty sure some olive oil too. Thought I took a pix of it but I guess not. :(

But if you are looking for way cooler Italian and French food posts from Singaporeans, there are some here and here.

Besides taking a ton of food pix, something else caught my camera eye too, Italian knockers! Some big, some small but all so eye-catchingly designed and every single one of them a work of art.

Hmmmm … didn’t see a lot of knockers in Paris. These three were the more attention grabbing French ones.


red fir said...

You can get ribollita and Florentine steak at La Barca, Goodman Arts Centre. It's a Tuscan restaurant. Check it out! Sounds cool. Pasta Brava serves ribollita too.

Heh I see you changed your profile picture. Nice. I spy a camera. Thought you take photos with your iphone?

Cavalock said...

I use the iphone more for food pix and close-ups cos i still try to do it discreetly. ;)