Monday, December 12, 2011

Cavalock and The 1,000-Year-Old Inn

One of the nicest ‘stopovers’ in Chianti, Tuscany was at a little insolated cottage at the top of a hill and in the middle of nowhere, well alright, maybe not exactly nowhere but more like in the middle of fields of olive trees.

Torre di Ponzano is an extremely quaint place with an equally charming owner. He told me that parts of the estate were over a thousand years old and the covers of my bed were like a century old. Surrounded by furniture that's hundreds of years old? I'm back in my element. ;)

Waking up to breathtaking views like these. Popping a freshly plucked olive, pip and all in my mouth. Damn frinkin’ priceless.

Dinner was at a restaurant down the hill or was it halfway down? I can’t remember. I believe the English translation to the name of the restaurant is something like the ‘pissing monk’. Yes, I am not making this up.

This was actually where I saw my first Florentine steak, didn’t order it though. Instead I ordered my first hare. Yup, that there below was a wabbit. Was all right, a little too bony I thought.

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