Monday, May 25, 2009

Cavalock and Table For One

So like I'm making my dinner for one and it took me exactly a half hour. A half hour eh? Get it? That's like exactly enough time for a TV cooking show ... so I figured do I get my own TV cooking show or what? Male cook teaching other male geeks to cook. Hah, just kidding.

Dinner for one turned fast and good. Started at 6pm after watching Ellen. A teaspoon of mirin and a teaspoon of suger into pot of boiling water. Then the pork strips shabu-shabu style, take out the pork once they are done and toss in some fresh green leafy veggies. Should take bout 5 mins for the veggies to cook. 

Now I forgot to get some sesame sauce as a dip for the meat. So I took this from the fridge, wholegrain mustard. I actually got this for a Nigella recipe that I never got to make (yet!). Not a bad substitute but I'll still get the sesame sauce next time. You'll definitely want to get some sauce.

Meanwhile I'm already steaming the Japanese rice in the rice cooker. So anyway once the rice is cooked, I prepared the instant miso soup and there you go, dinner for one in only a half hour.   

Eating and cleaning up took exactly another half hour so it was a wrap in 60 mins. I wanted to snap a shot of all the cleaning up I had to do but I forgot. Hah!


red fir said...

It's always nice to eat homecooked meals, especially if you cook it yourself. Looks good & healthy!

Matteas said...

Looks tasty!
The biggest problem for me is the rice. I can't make it sticky enough no matter what I do. I'm considering buying a rice cooker, but it may be actually fault of the rice sold here.

Cavalock said...

ice: yup, feels good cept for the clean-up. hah!

matteas: thanks for dropping by! if u use japanese (short grain) rice, they should be kinda sticky, maybe its the amount of water u use? try looking for some online recipes for preparing japanese rice.

the arts and crafts experiment said...

hmmm, let's have something at my new place. you can cook ;-) then you guys can also finally meet my husband. let me just buy furniture! any suggestions where i can go?

Cavalock said...

The Great Singapore Sale is coming up end this mth. that's a good time to shop for furniture n household stuff, bought my home stuff during the Sale a few years ago. saved quite a bit.

dilutedmagnetics said...

Wow! A man who cooks!

Lin said...

Wow! It seems like I've been stumbling food blogs these days! LOL & wow they look yummy! *impressed* =D

Cavalock said...

Lunch: a man who TRIES to cook. still learning

Lin: hi, thanks for dropping by!