Friday, May 22, 2009

Cavalock and The Dream Kitchen

Man o man, I must really suck at time management. Its been a week since I stopped working but I still haven't started working out yet. Well, between the full-day classes (yup, I'm back to hitting the books), homework and family errands, I'm just like 'where's all the time gone?!?'. Anyway I'm gonna have to really relook at how I plan my schedules again.

Saw this little showroom along Penang Road. Damn, I would sure love to have a little kitchen island. I mean, who wouldn't?

Meantime I'll just have to settle with cooking my broccoli soup over my old stove. Right simple, just toss your average size head of broccoli into a pot of boiling water, a tablespoon of Thai fish sauce, stir for bout 5 minutes and you are done.

Was lucky enough to pop by on the last day of Isetan's Japan food fair on Monday. Here are just some of the stuff I got. See that box of macha cream snacks on the left? Holy crap! Stay away from it. It's just plain awful. Wasn't sweet at all, doesn't even taste like green tea flavour. The rest of the loot I have yet to try but they should be alright. The miso soup tasted pretty good during the sampling and Kit Kat has yet to fail me.


Richard said...

My dream is a secret underground lab deep in the Canadian wilderness. Don't dream about kitchens much.

Cavalock said...

yah, that sounds pretty cool!