Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cavalock and The Return to Quaker Oats County

Well, its been awhile since I had a nice fancy lunch at a ritzy little place like Absinthe. Met a couple of really nice ex-colleagues for lunch there last week. First time there, their name card lists a web site, but it doens't seem to exist (yet), so here's the hungrygowhere link.

Cosy little French restaurant. Had the set lunch menu. Great service. I ain't no expert in French dining but I did enjoy the food. For the starter, I didn't go for the foie gras, it was pretty big piece (for me), about 2-inch in diameter. Beef main course was alright, I actually still prefer the cheaper steak at Astons. Heh. Soft coconutty dessert was great too. I wouldn't mind going there again for the set lunch. Bummer, they are open for dinner on Saturdays but closed on Sundays.

Since I stopped working, I started having Quaker Oats for breakfast again. I say 'again' cos that's what my mom used to make for me EVERY morning when I was a kid going to school. I can pop in the microwave now but figured I'll do it the old-fashioned way by cooking it over a stove.

Managed to catch both Star Trek and Angels & Demons, ahhh the things you can do when you aren't working anymore. Of cos, I loved Trek. Wonderful how they mange to satisfy both old and new fans by making this an alternate universe story. Didn't read the book, but the plot from Angels & Demons sure looked like the plot from Watchmen, now that I read.
Finally, is nothing sacred anymore?!? Look who's popping the question on my birthday! Wanna take bets on who the girl is?
‘Archie Gets Married’
In 'Archie' #600

Archie Comics Publications is promising the “Archie Story of the Century” in Archie #600, which streets in comic stores August 19th and in newsstand accounts September 1st. Archie Gets Married Part 1: The Proposal will look at Archie and the gang after they graduate college, in a story written by superhero movie producer Michael Uslan with art by legendary Archie artist Stan Goldberg.


red fir said...

What a nice coincidence coz I'm going Absinthe next week. Good to hear you enjoyed your lunch :)

dilutedmagnetics said...

OMG! I MUST buy that issue!

dilutedmagnetics said...

Ermmmm... I always thought he would marry Veronica...

Anonymous said...

Now that is just too fabulous, oatmeal is great.. I wish I could find cream of wheat here.... = (

Cavalock said...

ice: have a great lunch. can't wait to read bout it on yr blog!

lunch: i rather he be with betty. can't stand spoilt girls like veronica. hah!

girl japan: never had cream of wheat before. better than oats?

Noodlegirl said...

OMG I got to remember to get that issue! I only stopped reading archie comics last August as I moved to Oregon oh I am so out of the loop!

Cavalock said...

hi noodlegirl, thanks for dropping by! it should be kinda easy to get comics in the US right? i think its on sale at newsstands too.

Richard said...

I agree the new Trek was entertaining. I think splitting the timeline was the best way to go with the new actors. The only one who was a shoe-in for the original was Bones - the others didn't quite make the grade. And man! Has Leonard Nimoy ever aged.

Used to eat oats a lot when I was younger, but for some reason, stopped when I was in my 20s.