Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cavalock and The Bizarre Men's Bazaar

Now here's a shot I couldn't resist. Looks like Isetan knows what men really like. <^;^> 

A close-up of what they are selling to men these days. Neat eh? 

A couplea posts ago, I broke the news of Archie getting married. Well, I got the latest update on who he's marrying, Betty or Veronica. Spoiler right here. Remember now it's a 6-part mini series, so things can still change at the end of the storyline. I personally hope it does!

Time for some food stuff. Here's a dish I tried making a few hours ago. Once again, it's a pretty simple dish to prepare. Just flatten a piece of chicken breast. 

Add some seasoning like a a pinch of salt, rub it in right good, then marinate in a generous heap of wholegrain mustard. Now I added something extra at the spur of the moment! A teaspoon of yakitori sauce! I opened my fridge, saw the bottle and figured why not?

Ok, unlike my previous dinner preparation, I made some boo-boos. For starters, I added too much cooking oil. Add just a wee bit cooking oil. Another mistake, the mustard seeds started popping like freakin' mini popcorn! Next time, I'm getting the glass cover before I start. 

Fortunately the end tasted quite good and very edible *whew*. There's a pleasant slightly sweet taste, I dunno if its the mustard or yakitori sauce. 

My mystery sauce! <^;^> Bet you won't find any recipe that lets you mix wholegrain mustard and yakitori sauce.


red fir said...

Tried & tested by Cavalock! Sure is good!

But boo to the choice of bride...

Cavalock said...

thanks ice, i still got a lot to learn. btw the whole kitchen was a mess cos of the sizzling oil n stuff plus there was like laundry hanging near the kitchen which had to be rewashed etc...:(

bout archie, same here. ;)

the arts and crafts experiment said...

hahaha! funny one on the popping mustard seeds!

Cavalock said...

it was a little painful too cos the seeds were landing on my bare arms! hah! but i learnt my lesson, next time get the glass lid.

Anonymous said...


You should try baking it next popping seeds and equally yummy!!