Monday, June 07, 2021

Cavalock and Olive Oyl Oil Overdue

Fingers crossed, still another week to go for our mini-lockdown. I gotta admit, I haven't been as productive as I was during the last major lockdown bout a year ago. No more gym and no home workouts either. I did managed to get some painting done and the two visitors per home rule meant I got to play some tabletop games with the guys. 

But the Baker-at-Home was certainly busy in the kitchen. From top to bottom, she made some Takikomi Gohan with Kinmedai, that was amazing. Some homemade Japanese red bean paste, no preservatives and not as sweet as the ones you find in the stores. And that there beef don is still one of the best I have ever had. Well, we did our fair share of takeaway meals too and me trekking to army market hawker centre was an almost daily lunchtime affair.

Was at the usual Japanese grocery stores couple weeks ago and spotted these interesting items. New Japanese beer and ... wait for it... Olive Oyl's Olive Oil! I can't believe it took them that long come up with this! Popeye's girlfriend was created more than 100 years ago in 1919 and NOW then someone in Japan decided to make olive oil out of it?!? 

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