Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cavalock and The Lockdown Takeout Tryouts

Like most folks, I been hitting Golden Mile and Amoy food centres in the afternoon to pack lunch back for the Baker-at-Home but once-in-a-while we break the fine china out for some delivery dinners. We really enjoyed our first visit to Miznon couple months back so we figured why out again. Got the really juicy Abu Kebab, great if you like lamb and beef. A little pricy at $24 but definitely worth every bite. Pity they don't have their popular artichoke on their delivery menu.

We were also extremely fortunate to savour dinners from Mustard Seed on not one but two occasions. The dinner on the right column was what we had at the end of May. Really liked the squid kerabu that's tossed with lime, belachan and fresh calamansi juice. The second dinner on the left column was last weekend and its bento box presentation reminded the Baker-at-Home of airline food. Hah! Not bad overall but I kinda preferred the first dinner. 

I told myself I was gonna learn a new solo boardgame Rurik during this current lockdown but I just never got to it. It's an area control war game based on the Rurik dynasty back around AD 850 in Eastern Europe. Played the multiplayer game with my friends sometime back, really liked it but wanted to learn the solo rules cos you know, lockdown. Didn't get to it cos I bought this! Kragnos, the latest giant miniature from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar! Right now I'm still painting him and hope to be done once dining out is allowed.


imp said...

Ahhh Mustard Seed is the one takeout I didn’t manage to,get to! I doubt i’ll ever find time to make it to the actual restaurant though, ugh.

Cavalock said...

They are pretty good. Was gonna leave a comment on your vertigo post, I kinda got a similar problem too since I was a kid. Although not as serious as yours. Take care.