Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Cavalock and That Nut Butter Buffet

Hope everyone is hanging in there during this latest lockdown. This here is something the Baker-at-Home does once in a while. Figured this lockdown is a good time to share this, it's something most anyone can do too in their kitchen. It's some sticky yummy homemade nut butter! She bakes the cashew nuts and almonds first in the oven before tossing them in her Magimix food processor. You can use your other favourite nuts too. When it's all done, I guess it's a healthier alternative from store-bought nut butter. Cos of the lack of preservatives and we don't any other weird crazy stuff in there. Hah! 

More bird (and one squirrel) pix taken by me 87-year-old Dad just before the lockdown. These were taken at West Coast Park as well as Pasir Ris Park. Yah, he would criss-cross the damn island if he knew there were decent pix of birds there. 

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