Sunday, May 02, 2021

Cavalock and The Lunchtime Beef Overload

It's almost impossible to make dinner reservations at Wa Don-Don over at Duxton Hill these days, Fortunately they have started with lunch servings recently so there we were having sake and grilled beef on a blazing hot afternoon. We made sure to order our usual cuts, tenderloin, ribeye and ox tongue. The generous staff still remembered us even though its been awhile since we were there stuffing our faces. Hah! Oh, and watch out their half price ox tongues on Mondays, that ought to really pack them in.  

Now it's not becos I was too busy to blog but these days I can't think of anything spectacularly new to write about. I guess when you get to a certain age, you just wanna chill after doing your chores. There was a time when I wanted to write a best-seller, save the whales, make a gazillion bucks before 30 and all that crap. Not anymore. Now I'm just grateful to be out of the rat race and doing what I like even if it's not something most folks would consider 'productive'. I still got my caregiving duties to consider and after that, I do the little things that bring me joy. Seriously, my advice is just do the things you like, the stuff that gives you the greatest joy and satisfaction. If that's saving the world, more power to you. But call me 'jaded' or whatever, I'm just tired from caring bout too many things.

Speaking of little things that bring me joy, I'm back to playing Warhammer Underworlds again. Not to be confused with Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Heh. Underworlds allows me to paint smaller war bands and therefore paint factions or creatures that I would normally not. The game Age of Sigmar lets you field dozens and dozens of figures from similar factions so like, if I'm not playing a huge Lizardmen army, I won't be fielding or painting them. Whereas Underworlds are you playing with smaller bands of figures, a skirmish game instead of a massive war game, and it takes up only fraction of the time too.

So below are my Lizardmen Underworlds war band and my Underworlds Orcs war band. Just those figures, and I get to paint and experiment with different colour schemes and techniques. It's so relaxing and therapeutic to sit there and just paint.

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