Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Cavalock and The Japanese Snack Trail

Ah, how we miss visiting Tokyo and those light fluffy slices of Japanese bread. Well, I chanced upon this interesting Japanese bread making book from Kinokuniya awhile back and bought it for the Baker-at-Home. But we were all busy with stuff until last week when she finally had time to try out the recipes in it. It's all bread loaf recipes so nothing really fancy to look at. Hah! But it's in Japanese so this book might be an obstacle for some folks out there. It did recommend the use of specific Tomiz Japanese bread flour but you could also use other regular bread flour except the texture result is a little different. But definitely still yummy and edible! The Baker-at-Home baked the bread using both Tomiz and regular bread flour.

Speaking of Japanese groceries, we spotted this small pack of Japanese milk tea at Cold Storage and picked it up on a whim. We really liked it, strong earl grey flavour and not too sweet. Next day, we saw some for-sale-in-Japan-only ice-cream flavoured candy at Giant supermarket, not our thing but I guess, the point is there are lesser known Japanese snacks or food related products like the bread book all over the island, you could try looking for them if you miss visiting the country. Does that make sense? 

Meanwhile, last week me 87-year-old Dad was busy snapping bird photos across the island. He kinda liked these from Botanic Garden although he missed a couple flying shots. I think he waited a few days for this little common kingfisher to finally show up. 

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