Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cavalock and The Chinese New Year Observation

Decided to drop by Meidi-Ya supermarket earlier today and just as I expected, it was a repeat of last year's Chinese New Year rush for shabu shabu meat. At their gourmet meat counter was a winding queue that's at least 20 deep. All lining up for those thin delicious strips of beef and pork that are so popular for reunion dinner hotspots. When your run-of-the-mill Australian beef or Malaysian pork from NTUC FairPrice aren't good enough, this is where you go for the upmarket Wagyu beef or Kurobuta pork slices. No reunion dinners for me, reasons below.

Well, look at what else is sold out at the supermarket. Damn! Wish I could have at least grabbed a couple of cans (yes, the wine came in cans!) before they were all gone and also spotted a buncha tempting treats that I really shouldn't ... and I didn't.

So it's Chinese New Year again and like the last few years, it has been a quiet affair. This year even more so since my aunt's passing. Funny thing is, ever since I was a kid Chinese New Year has never ever been a huge family thingy like what I often hear or read about. All that family drama, nosey relatives, hours spent traveling across the island etc. never encountered any of them. My aunts and uncles were my only other relatives here and I used to visit them almost every week so seeing them again on Chinese New Year wasn't a big deal and we don't have other guests or visitors dropping by either. I guess I'm saying that since they are now all gone, I do miss them. I suppose it would be nice to have some guests over at my tiny apartment, maybe play some boardgames.

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