Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cavalock and The Baking Acceleration

It appears that we were in a bit of a baking frenzy recently. After our last batch of Rilakkuma cookies, we got busy with another order. Instead of the usual cupcakes, we had a request for this rather unique cupcake ice-cream cone combos. Colors, flavours, toppings, we had quite a task coming p with the correct match-ups. You can see the finished goodies here, complete with rainbow sprinkles, Pocky sticks and mini-Oreos.

Now this is probably the closest I'll get to a food blogger/media invite kinda thing. My friend's place Sunday Folks finally had their official opening a couple days ago and I got a front row invite to the event. As it's still Chinese New Year, there was a Lion Dance troupe and the usual festive trappings that come along with such celebrations.

Famous for their soft-serve ice-cream and waffles, their cakes are a blast too. Had a slice of the above Hummingbird Cake. Reminiscent of an excellent carrot cake if you ask me, but I just can't detect any hint of pineapples. I also had their Macha Cake which remains my favourite. The place is terribly crowded on weekends and most evenings so I'll most likely stick to my (rather infrequent) weekday afternoon visits. Which is also an excellent time to take advantage of their $10 cake and coffee/tea sets.

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