Monday, June 29, 2020

Cavalock and The Home Food Plating Phase

Looks like someone is really into plating our meals these days. Yes, one picks up new hobbies during a Lockdown and the Baker-at-Home is no exception. She prepared the cold Japanese somen, whirled it and dropped a generous dollop of yummy uni on top of it for our lunch. Somen! Or what I like to call it, cold ramen's lesser known cousin but yah, we love cousin somen's slightly smoother texture and equally tasty noodles. Although there's less cooking at home now, we are still having a lot of our meals delivered despite the Lockdown (sorta) ending as well as takeaways at whatever neighbourhood food stalls are open. 

Speaking of noodles, check this out! Spotted a gazillion packs of Filipino spaghetti sauce on sale at Cold Storage Bugis. Really curious how they taste .... well, ok maybe not that curious. Man, that is one crazy huge pack of sauce.

Been like four long months since I been to the gym. So after me at home, wearing out the old exercise mat on a daily basis, we finally got a new one last week! Had enough of the older one flaking off blue bits all over the living room floor. Yah, I'm still not going to the gym even though it's open now. I would like to go maybe next month but just not yet. No rush really. I have kinda gotten used to working out at home in the morning and I feel like I gotta make full of the new mat considering how much it costs. 


imp said...

The somen-uni plating is on point!

Oof- I’m done with this gym for now. Just ended the membership. The husband though, is continuing and seems not to mind the classes for now.

Cavalock said...

Yah, I saw your FB post. I'll stick around but probably won't show up till next month or something. I guess I got a 'soft spot' for the gym cos am grateful that that was my first gym experience and it was mostly positive thanks to my PI and VA. It got me motivated enough to look forward to working out and that's something I haven't done in way over a decade before VA.

imp said...

Good on you! The freeze rates are very reasonable. Freeze it till you're comfortable going back!