Monday, August 13, 2018

Cavalock and The Horse Meat Heresy

Rub a tub tub! Horse meat in a tub! Or horse meat mixed with beef to be exact. Bet it's yummy and nutritious too! I think this is like one of the coolest things to buy back for your foodie friends! Don't tell them what it is but make them a sandwich with a piece of it. Hah! Not our first encounter with horse meat in Tokyo. I don't think our customs has an issue with anyone bringing it in? Well, the Baker-at-Home forbid me from getting a tub so I guess we'll never know how good it is.

Another unusual item in the grocery store that caught my eye was this apparent cure for snoring. The Baker-at-Home thought it was a little too cruel. Actually tapping up one's lips seems like the easiest solution, wonder why no one thought of it earlier.

You know every year around this time of the year I post a picture of the Washpole Patriot for National Day back here in Singapore. Unfortunately this year, I got this pix instead. Maybe someone squealed and the guy was told not to hang the flag out to dry on a wash pole. Pity. :(


imp said...

I would have also uhh forbade my husband from buying the tub. Muahahahha.

Hey, I’ve come to miss his hanging of the flag on the washpole! Hanging it like this diminishes the fun. Tsk.

Cavalock said...

Am sure if you tweet to all your friends bout the tub of horse meat, there'll always be that one crazy guy or gal who'll beg you to buy back for them. Hah!

Actually I'm kinda surprised it lasted that long before someone complained. That is what I'm assuming happened.