Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Cavalock and The Marbled Meat Madness

First I wanna say 'wakey-wakey' to all the sleeper agents here who are activated for the summit event. You know who you are. Time to finally earn that paycheck! :) Back to food now! It ain't everyday I get to sink my teeth into beefy goodness that's this tender here in Singapore. I have to thank Masa Steakhouse at Robertson Quay for that. Chargrilled wagyu meat from Japan that's quite different from your ang mo steak joints like Wolfgang. The insane marbling is the kinda thing you don't see or savour everyday. Cos of all that delicious fat, this ain't the kinda steak you wanna stuff yourself crazy with. Not cheap either but worth the three-figure price tag.

The crab cakes are great too. Tough call to decide this or the Mezza 9's crab cakes are better. Anyway this is a pretty dark and intimate restaurant, not exactly what I was expecting. But I could certainly find no fault in that. Passed by the place numerous times and I'm glad we finally took the time to have dinner there. And no meaty Japanese meal is complete without a highball.

I'm still somewhat amused by the things I find in our local supermarkets. Spotted these that I believe are new and may be unique to their respective outlets. Asahi Dry Black at Cold Storage and Fairprice. Very, very tempting.

Not your everyday Kit Kat, these from Meidi-Ya are from the U.K., not Asia.  Not bad, according to Baker-at-Home who bought them.

Saving the best for last! Hah! Yes, pig masks or like the real skinned heads of pigs. Taking your Journey to the West cosplay to a whole new level! I know you can get one from your local wet market but this is the first time I'm seeing it in a supermarket, the Thai supermarket at Golden Mile to be exact.

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