Monday, June 25, 2018

Cavalock and The Little Didi Spotting

Still taking it easy on all things beef so when the Baker-at-Home and I stopped by Kimme for lunch last week, it was all seafood for me. Starting with a pan-seared scallop and century egg which I thought was an ingenious sidekick, and you can't really go wrong with pan-seared scallops. The barramundi wasn't too fishy and came in a delicious broth so definitely enjoyed it. Rounding it all up nicely was my very sweet honey ice-cream although the Baker-at-Home's makgeoli dessert was much better.

Upstairs seating was nice and bright so maybe you won't see any illicit office lunch dates happening here. Come on, like you don't notice them happening all the time! A pretty decent 3-course set lunch menu at $45++. Having had dinner at Meta, I think this is like a slightly more down-to-earth and affordable joint by the same folks behind the Michelin Star restaurant. 

Now this is the kinda things you stumble upon when you live in the ember light district of the island. That's what I call my neighbourhood on account of the numerous KTVs and massage parlours around, we don't have the legal brothels like Geylang so I won't exactly it the red light district.

Anyway you can't be more obvious than this pix. And yah, just upstairs is a whole buncha foreign KTVs and massage parlours. I bet business will be up in no time once they open for business.

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