Friday, October 27, 2017

Cavalock and The Ulcer Patch Peculiarity

Our second visit to Folklore was just as entertaining and memorable as our first a couple months back. This time, it was an extremely boisterous group of nine adults and kids instead of just me and the Baker-At-Home. Still a wonderful dinner experience except for a couple minor hiccups. No beef rendang that night! They also appeared to be terribly understaffed that night so we mostly refilled our own water when we wanted to. We didn't wanna bother the already harassed staff of two. I guess this is all part of the so-called manpower crunch the F & B industry is facing.

Still a satisfying dinner. Everyone had their favourite dish like the tender oxtail stew or and mine was the unexpected buah keluak fried rice. Yah, never thought I would like a rice dish that much. The chap chye would had been more well liked if they gave us less noodles and more cabbage. Hah!

Here's something to add to the list of handy Japanese products I wish we have here. Bought them in Japan earlier this year when I bit me lip during lunch (or was it breakfast?). These little medicinal miracles are for those pesky mouth ulcers whenever you bite yourself. Peel and stick the small circular patch over the ulcer and it works. No sticky jel or taste and it's easy to store too. So why won't they import this here? Maybe our local authorities have deemed that there's some deadly or at least dangerous chemicals present in them patches? I mean, kinda like how they banned them Taiwanese milk teas, only thing is I bet Singaporeans would consume truckloads of them when they are in Taiwan. Whenever we travel, we would be drinking and eating same as the locals and I just find it weird to hear our Government banning them. Ok, enough rant.


Dr Martin Huang said...

The ulcer patch is really effective. Too bad we don't have it here.

Cavalock said...

Yah, no idea why we can't have it here. Thanks for dropping by!