Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cavalock and The Return to Old Treats

The Baker-At-Home was adamant that we repeat our Tokyo pilgrimage to the acclaimed patisserie Hidemi Sugino at Kyobashi, just like two years ago. So off we went instead of heading to Ueno to check out toys and Star Wars stuff. We reached the narrow alleyway where the patisserie was located around 3pm, just in time to pick the three of the last seven pastries on display.

Yah, this one below was the same one we had two years ago but beggars can't be choosers. So really, if you snooze, you lose. You gotta be there early or them cakes will be gone real fast and the place is always packed.

Speaking of return visits, we also stumbled about a Marufuku coffee joint on the 6th floor of the Tokyo Ginza shopping mall. I was smitten by their famous pancakes back in Osaka but since it was afternoon teatime in Tokyo, I opted for an equally enticing fruity swiss roll instead. Geez, there's just so much to eat and enjoy here that I already miss the city.

Now while I was Tokyo, the temperature hovered around the lower single digits. Thankfully I had a new North Face winter jacket with me. A little pricer than your average Uniqlo heat tech and jacket but I thought it was a worthy investment. If you are gonna be walking in and out of buildings or shops in single-digit-temperature Tokyo, wearing a heat tech is gonna kill you. Sure it might keep you warm when it's cold outdoors but once inside a building at room temperature, you'll be sweating like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Hey I like Uniqlo but I don't think most of their winter wear gear can really keep you warm for long outdoors especially if it hits zero degrees.


imp said...

:P I also think Uniqlo outerwear works best till 10dC. Then it can't work anymore.

You have such a sweet tooth!

Cavalock said...

Well, yes but I certainly hope you didn't think I ate all that in one afternoon! I didn't! :)

imp said...

I almost thought you did! Hehehehe.