Friday, March 31, 2017

Cavalock and The Curry Bread Bun Crossing

The best curry bun in Tokyo? Maybe, I didn't try it cos I was already obscenely stuffed with a heavy breakfast earlier but the Baker-At-Home wolfed it down and she certainly enjoyed it. It's the Temma Curry joint at Jiyugaoka Meguro Tokyo. It was too early for lunch so she just had the chicken curry bun with the onsen egg in it. Like I said, she absolutely loved it and I was eager to try it unfortunately we weren't anywhere near another Temma Curry outlet later that afternoon. Another excuse to visit Tokyo again I guess.

Rainy day in Tokyo, sunny day in Tokyo. But the weather or temperature was kept at a constant chilly single digit. Of cos the rain in Tokyo, like in almost any other country outside south-east Asia, falls as a light breezy shower. Nothing like the heavy and loud pitter patter drops we have here in Singapore. Still we gleefully ducked into more than a couple of shops and malls afternoons whenever it started to drizzle. Zipping into shops is always a good way to discover something new or old, like how we found another Marufuku coffee joint or the special Tokyu Hands spinoff, Hands Expo.

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