Friday, March 24, 2017

Cavalock and The Overdue Kitchen Street Visitation

It was all things pink in Tokyo when we were there earlier this month. It's a double sakura and strawberry season in play. Unfortunately we didn't spot any 'real' sakura except for the numerous flavoured snacks and beverages on sale. Of cos, you can count on Starbucks to come up with their sakura fraps, lattes and cakes. Sakura's a nice taste but for the life of me, I can't recall exactly how it tasted like now back home. It was sweet and agreeable in many ways but I guess kinda forgettable.  What I do remember is enjoying that sunny afternoon break at Starbucks dining al fresco, out in chilly breezy Shinjuku.

Beautifully ripe strawberries everywhere we went too. We bought punnets of them back to our room to snack on every morning. So juicy sweet and so damn cheap. 

For this year's Tokyo trip, the Baker-At-Home got to hit just about all her must-see spots. We headed to the popular Kappabashi Kitchen Town where you got an entire street of shops selling what else but kitchenware and everything you need to open a restaurant in Japan well, except for the food. Heh. This was actually a place that we had originally planned to visit on our very first trip to Japan over a decade ago but just never did. And yup, we did leave the place with bags full of goodies.

An actual pizza oven in your own kitchen?!? Very tempting even though I ain't exactly a big pizza guy. Why can't we ever have things like this here? Cos no one thinks folks here will pay for it?

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