Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cavalock Assembles The Avengers Cookies

There was a whole lot of themed cookies that left our tiny apartment kitchen over the last year including Batman, Iron Man, Halloween and the Minions, now it's time to assemble the Avengers! Received an order last week to bake some cookies for a little boy's birthday party and he's a huge Avengers fan so here are what we came up with. Left to right top row, that's Wolverine, Captain America and Iron Man, followed by Hulk and Spider-Man below. And in case all you noon-geeks are wondering, yes, Wolverine and Spidey are both card-carrying members of the Avengers.

The gift tags we used are all old Marvel VS trading cards. Not bad, eh? I thought they look great and the other side's blank so the kid can write his 'thank you' or something. So who's your favourite cookie Avenger? 

Every bad guy in the Marvel Universe wants to piece of the Avengers!

Hulk smash Hulk cookie!

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