Monday, February 10, 2014

Cavalock and The Real Rum and Raisins Recipe

The best kinda dessert you can have is usually the kind you can whip up yourself. Here we got some fruits soaking in a big ol' jar full of premium Bacardi rum. It's an extra boozy jar after settling all our orders of our popular Christmas fruitcakes last year so you know these fruits have been soaking for at least 4 months now.

All you need is a tub of premium vanilla ice-cream and you got yourself some homemade rum and raisins ice-cream. It's that easy, just soak a bag of fruit mix in a jar of rum for a couple months at least then pour spoonfuls of them generously over a scoop or two of rich creamy ice-cream. I think the main ingredient is patience as it's gonna take at least two months to see or taste the fruits of your labours. I brought some over to a boardgame party recently and everyone loved it.

Everyone's talking about it and all my friends have seen it and loved every minute of it, it's the new Lego Movie. I'm so glad the filmmakers went with stop-motion animation instead of the typical boring animation we see so much in today's cartoons. It really looked and felt like you were playing with the plastic blocks which actually made sense if you have already watched the movie (minor spoiler alert). There's so much visual gags and Easter eggs in there, most you would get only if you are a hardcore Lego fan or a true geek. Unfortunately, that also kinda explains why most of my friends' spouses and girlfriends didn't really "get" the show, well, guess there just aren't that many female geeks out there after all.

Name that movie!

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