Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cavalock and The Headshot Offensive

Whew! Managed to sneak in more than a couple of nerdy activities before the end of the year. Marvel Comics' C.B. Cebulski was in town as one of the speakers at the Asia TV Forum and like the last time he was here, we got to squeeze in a few hours, checking out the local culinary delights. You can read about some of his latest Singapore experiences here and here. Plus you can read Grub Street New York bout what he eats when he's back home in NYC.

We hit the Chinatown joints like the Hong Lim Food Court and then took shelter from the thunderstorm at the one and only Good Beer Company. Loved the above cider and Gawd knows how much I luv me ciders. Plus I do believe it's the same brand that's available at our Ikea, right?

The other nerdy, geeky thing we did was taking aim at each other during a 2-hour session of paintball! Yup, that's me with a not-so-nasty headshot. I say it ain't that bad cos some of my friends had it way worse, like bruises that tore the skin surface or falling down and having your palm ripped open. We played 3 capture-the-flag missions, and my job was to provide suppressive fire and pin the enemy down so our guy can go capture the flag. Heh, we won 2 out of 3 missions. ;P

It's also that wonderful time of the year when folks are clearing their annual leave which means more time for boardgames! Two new and very exciting games this month, the above Legendary: the Marvel deck-building game and the award-winning Village below. If you are a Marvel fan, I would definitely recommend the Marvel game cos there are so many ways you can customize the game to fight different villains and scenarios. The Village is your typical Euro management resource boardgame with a twist, that being the workers in your village do die and the game ends when the graveyard is full.


red fir said...

How much did you pay for the cider at GBC? I bought mine from Cold Storage for less than 5 bucks each.

Cavalock said...

C.B. actually paid for our drinks. But I'm pretty sure its more than S$5.

imp said...

Aiyoh. I hope your headshot swell has subsided. Merry Christmas Cavalock. Am loving your posts in 2012, and hoping for more to come. May 2013 bring you quiet happiness and joy, peace and comfort.

Cavalock said...

Happy Holidays to you too, Imp! ;)