Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cavalock and The Corny And Cheesy Xmas Snacks

Been reading quite a bit bout this new sushi joint that just opened in the basement of Liang Court and I finally had a chance to check Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru out earlier this week. Despite it being a conveyer belt sushi joint, this is the real deal as in you got Japanese sushi chefs behind the counter and a price tag that's more than a couple bucks more than Sushi Tei.

I had five of the second most expensive colored plates (golden brown) and with each at almost S$6, that's like close to S$30 right there. Plus the avocado and tuna salad (meh) as well as couple other cheaper colored plates, it's a diner bill that's about S$50 based on just what I had (no booze!). Yah, I know that's a little pricy for a conveyer belt sushi but it's good sushi. Big and fresh slices of fish and you can bet they won't fall off the rice unlike some local conveyer belt places.

So would I return here for my sushi fix? Maybe, but for that price tag, I think I might be able to satisfy my sushi cravings in a more personal setting like over a small counter, make friends with the sole chef, be a regular, then like after your 4th or 5th visit you get some free green tea ice-cream or something. :D

Now a visit to Liang Court wouldn't be complete without dropping by Meidi-Ya and seeing what's new! First up is a Xmas version of that Halloween staple Candy Corn. Now we got Reindeer Corn! No idea how that tastes like and I don't think I want to either.

Black sesame spread for your sandwich? Again, I can't imagine how this is going to taste like. But having enjoyed some black sesame ice-cream in the past, I would pick this over the Corn That Was Meant To Feed A Reindeer.

OK, I think we can all imagine how these snacks are going to taste like. Yogurt and your favorite choc snacks. Come on, instead of paying a bundle, we can all mix-and-make this on our own at home, am I right?

Back to the No-Idea-How-This-Tastes-Like category...;)


red fir said...

$50 just for one pax? That's quite pricey for kaiten-zushi. I've tried those funny-colored Reindeer Corn before. They taste almost like the normal candy corn haha, just a wee bit "plastic-y". I still prefer the original though I think I've outgrown it already.

red fir said...

I just read the Itacho Sushi @JCube is currently having a happy hour sushi promotion for November. Between 2.30-5.30pm & after 9pm, customers are entitled to purchase selected sushi for just $0.80. So it's possible to have a meal at below 10 bucks even with gst & svc charge included. Free flow green tea if you spend above $10. Good deal?

Cavalock said...

Yup, sounds like good deal but too far for me. Hope the slices are big and fresh!

I just realized that i have never had candy corn before.