Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cavalock and The Retro Mad Men Coasters

As promised, more goodies from Takashimaya's Autumn Hokkaido Fair! It's a bottle of Japanese maccha or green tea pudding. Tasted a lot of Japanese desserts in my time but this is actually my first Japanese pudding.

Very strong green tea flavour. The texture is kinda like soft ice screen at the top. Then you get to the inside or bottom, it's more spongey. Not bad but maybe a smaller bottle or less is better for me. That's actually a pretty tall bottle I thought.

Found more retro goodness in the old family home while cleaning up the place. These colorful and I mean COLORFUL! plastic coasters are from the 1960s I believe. Was told my mom bought them while she was overseas and I remember seeing them when I was a kid. But didn't really gave them a second thought until I found them again.

You can almost picture them on the set of 'Mad Men' TV series. Check out what's engraved on the back of them. Yah, back when everyone was smoking a cigarette, I can understand if someone accidentally uses it for an ashtray.

Frankly, I'm not sure what to do with them. They are pretty small compared to today's coasters. Well, someone did offer to buy them so maybe.


imp said...

the coasters are a perfect size for tea cups. Chinese tea cups. :)

red fir said...

Your old family residence is like a treasure trove. I'm sure somewhere in there you can dig out an ancient Pugilistic Secret Manual Notebook. ●^o^●

Cavalock said...

Imp: Really? i never thought of that. A friend remarked that it's 'concave' unlike most of today's coasters which are flat, so any drips or spills would ruin the table.

ice: what I have posted on facebook and over here are only like less than 1% of what's in the house. it's crazy! But really i think maybe 90% are not valuable, 5% a mystery and 5% cool vintage stuff?