Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cavalock and The January Tabletop Takedown

So many tables, so little time. January was all bout table top pix. I do recall doing a buncha stuff but just never really took a lot of pix or notes bout them. So I looked at my iPhone photo and saw that the ones I snapped were actually kinda neat table top pix so there you go for January! <^;^>

From my first homemade breakfast for one in the new kitchen, a taste-better-than-it-looks omelette with cheese and honey tomatoes to one with Paul's sesame baguette, and I dare say my omelette was better.

Still on my kitchen island tabletop, here's a shot of some groceries from Europe that I'm pretty sure you can't find here.

Been awhile since I had a giant paper thosai or dosa, this metre-long one was specially good at the popular Jalan Kayu outlet.


To me, playing my favorite boardgame is not unlike dining in a Michelin Star restaurant (does this actually mean I have been to one? Don't ask!) It's an exquisite experience that you wanna share with your friends, only a whole lot cheaper.

My current fav boardgame is Kingdom Builder. Extremely simple rules that even a boardgame novice can pick up in less than five minutes. Terrific gameplay that requires more skill and strategy than luck. Players build settlements and try to cut each other off from meeting ever-changing random victory conditions.

Lunar New Year poker night at my place with Lord of the Rings playing cards! 'Nuff said!

Next up is me and the guys foray back in the land of 'cardboard crack' or also known as Magic: The Gathering. After the above late night poker session, some of the guys headed off the midnight pre-release of the latest Magic expansion Dark Ascension. I waited for the next morning session. Won 3 outta 4 matches, went home with 10 booster packs and one promo foil for S$40 plus the most highly sought after Sorin planeswalker in one of them. ;)


red fir said...

Speculoos spread?! Whyyyyy don't we have this here?!?

Cavalock said...

Good question. I actually haven't tasted it yet