Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cavalock and The Wildlife Photo Jam

Damn, I wish I had the chance to eat out at some of the new places this week but unfortunately that ain't the case. A new gig kept me busy (and will be keeping me busy) for the next few weeks. Well, it did make me "appreciate" TGIF all over again and then spending a lazy Saturday morning, alone on the sofa putting the final touches to my comic book review while catching up on the latest TV shows on the iPad, and then sorting out my M:tG cards or reading my library books, it's soooo therapeutic! <^;^>

Something else I'm doing is helping my Dad download his pix. He's an amateur wildlife photographer, well, he has been shooting for most his life but stopped bout a decade ago. Since my Mom passed away last year, he has gotten back into his hobby and bought his first DSLR a few weeks ago. He's still figuring out how to use it so I thought I'd just post some of shots. Hmmm .... some better than others but not bad for a 77-year-old I guess.

Come on, you don't think I was gonna do a post without some food pix? Check this out! Popcorn + chips! Two of the best snacks in one, who comes up with these?!? Where else but at Meidi-ya.


Dawn said...

These are great. Your Dad has some wonderful shots.

Cavalock said...

Thanks! ;)