Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Week in Sillypore 7

Oh wow, it's almost the end of the month (and closer to Christmas!) and here's another one week in Sillypore installment. First up, a little update on the last post bout chicken macaroni I had at Tanjong Pagar. Here's the 'dry' version of the last soup version I had.

Yah, I know. That sure don't look like 'dry' to me but that's what they are calling it. The 'gravy' had a very little slight spicy taste to it which I don't think really call for so I think I'll stick to the clear official soup version the next time.

So what else have I been mulching recently? Frog legs! A newfound love. Yes, I know I'm late again. Here we have the S$20 for 3 frogs (with porridge) at Lavender Food Court.

I heard the one at Geylang is pretty good. Anywhere else?

Saturday morning at Tekka Market. On the way there, it looks like Mustafa is opening another shopping wing or rather new shopping mall.

Lots and lots of fresh goodies at the market! Luv getting the seafood here.

You get to see some stuff that you wouldn't expect to see at a wet market. Like little sharkies, you can see greens like rocket leaves too.

More new pirate arsenal for me. Mac connector cables for me so I can watch the new on my TV too. Gawd, so far every week it's at least 12 different shows, the latest episodes and I'm not even counting the movies...

Finally say 'hello' to the newest addition to the household. <^;^> Don't forget to gimme a tick in one of the boxes below or comment!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cavalock and The iPad Inflight Imitation

Well, since it's highly unlikely that I'll be going anywhere this year, I figured I'll share this little thing I do for fun, I guess you could say it's a cheap thrill kinda thing but hey, I like it.

Now one thing I sorta look forward to when flying is all them inflight movies and shows. What I managed to do is 'simulate' that inflight entertainment experience or more specifically night flight entertainment experience using my iPad.

You set the mood in your bedroom to mimic the one in your plane cabin. I did it and it really, really felt like I was back on a plane flying past midnite on my way back to Tokyo cos that's my usual flight, leave Singapore round midnite and arriving at the crack of dawn in Narita.

First download a movie or TV show you like and wanna watch on your iPad.

Second turn off the lights and turn on the air-con, a noisy air-con is actually a plus point here cos it'll resemble a rumbling plane engine. :)

Third snuggle up under the blankets and sit up in bed, like you would on a plane.

Took that pix while in bed and it felt so much like the last time I was up in the air. The silent surroundings, the glow from your inflight entertainment screen. Then you start feeling sleepy halfway through the movie, you doze off sitting up. For added realism, get a stranger to climb into bed with you. It'll be just like have someone sitting next to you! You can pass the iPad to her and try to fall asleep while that annoying glow next to you keeps keeping you awake!

Food stuff now! Back at the old stomping ground for awhile, and I finally managed to sample the popular chicken macaroni stall at Tanjong Pagar Market and Food Centre. It's not an easy stall to find, with no pictures of their dishes displayed or anything. Look for Dao Ji Cooked Food, the one with the MakanSutra cert.

As you can see there's a lot of non-traditional stuff in that bowl. All the ingredients complimented each other, the dumplings, the mushrooms, etc. it all helped make the meal all that fuller and all that more mouth-watering.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cavalock and The Mussels Miniaturization

Well, it took me awhile but I finally made it to Brussels Sprouts at Mohammad Sultan. As expected, real busy on a Friday nite.

As for the food or the mussels to be exact, they were all good. Between the four of us, we had five 'starter' sized pots of mussels like the Tom Yam, a couple of beer-flavored ones and also the above Brussels Platter.

Like I said, the mussels tasted fresh and pretty good, not as good as the ones in London but hey, I wasn't exactly expecting it to be.

One major gripe, the mussels' meat or flesh (I believe the correct term is foot?) inside are really, really small. Tiny little morsels of meat. Now I wish I took pix of them but really just go to any supermarket like Cold Storage, look at the size of the mussels they sell there. Well, now imagine the ones I had to be waaaaay less than half that size. Does that mean they are local or something?

They got lots more on their menu that I'm more than anxious to try on another visit. I kinda prefer the ones in the creamy sauces. Would also have preferred a free flow of bread instead of fries.

And now for something cute and creepy at the same time. Was checking out the above gashapon machines earlier this week and I found this new one.

Oh yah, those are Minnie's panties or as the Japanese would call them 'pantsu'. Those are really plastic mini Disney undies as handphone straps. In Japan, there's a whole fetish industry on them (pantsu, not handphone straps although there is one on those straps but I digress) but this is the first time I ever expected to see Disney being part of it. So you can now own a whole little set of lady undies and perhaps strap them to your handphone so nothing says 'hello' like a mini lady undies hanging from your phone.

Something for the 'Interesting' or 'WTF' box below? If you click 'Yummy', I sure as hell hope you are clicking for the mussels and not the Disney pantsu. <^;^>

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cavalock and The Final Takashimaya Run?

Two days in a row at this year's Takashimaya Sale and I'm not as young as before. Pretty shacked out and pissed that I couldn't find any of the action figures I wanted.

And since the bank has refused to waive the card's annual fees, it looks like these are gonna my last buys from there, at least for awhile.

Yes, you can never have enough coffee. There are actually way more tubes in the kitchen cupboard. The decaf is pretty good, yes, I do drink decaf! :P

And in a case of better late than never, I finally paid my first visit to Udders Ice Cream! Yah I know everyone else has probably had their fill of Udders but like I said, better late than never.

Had a scoop each of Vanilla Beanz and Wineberries. Both new flavors I believe. Wineberries are cranberries and port, and yes they do deliver a slightly boozy kick. Strong enough to blanket any taste of my Vanilla Beanz. Which is a good enough reason to pay them another visit. Got my sights on Tira-miss-u and maybe Kick S Cream Caramel.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Cavalock and The Budget Izakaya Experience

Last month I promised I'll check more joints from Cuppage Plaza so here I am again, and again. Two visits to the very popular Izakaya Nijumaru Restaurant on the second floor, #02-10. It's tucked in a corner but it's real easy to spot cos it's the only crowded restaurant on that floor.

Anyway I dropped in for their S$10 set lunches (no GST, no nothing, just hand them a ten dollar bill) on two occasions. First day's set lunch was rice and eel. I originally planned to go a-la-carte but seeing that there was only one chef behind the counter frantically grilling rows of eels. If I ordered anything else, he's gonna either do my order only after grilling all them eels or do a sub-par, hurried version of whatever I ordered.

So like everyone else in there, eel it is then! Now I'm not crazy bout eels but this was pretty good or rather the sauce was what made it all just go 'wow' in your mouth. The eel was fresh and soft, and the entire meal was enough to make me wanna try out their other S$10 daily specials.

A week later and here's what I had. An Oden set lunch or as their sign on the door read "Japanese style yong taufu". Came with a seafood potato salad too that's filled with little chewy squid pieces. I like it.

And for my piece de resistance ... devil's tongue! Yup, you can call it Konjac, I call it devil's tongue. Big generous chuck of spotted paradise. :P

Bottom line is for S$10 only, it's a good enough deal for a fast and tasty Japanese meal. Can't wait to see if they'll have sashimi one day.

Hey, time for another supermarket check out! Look what I found at Cold Storage, white chocolate ice cream! It is just me or is this really new? I have blogged bout my love affair with white choc in the past so you can understand how cool it was when I found this. Bout S$10 plus a tub, no, I didn't buy one cos I wasn't heading home when I saw this.

I'll definitely get at least a tub one day so look out for a taste test soon! <^;^>

Monday, October 04, 2010

Cavalock and The Saturday Food Odyssey

Time sure flies, it's less than 100 shopping days to Christmas! Hey, I'm just saying.

Was out two Saturdays ago with the nice people who I went to the U.K. with. Now that was a pretty fun whole day eating affair. Started with late brunch at Wild Honey, my third visit to the joint. As you can see, dim lighting + iPhone 3GS camera = crappy shot. :P

Had the Canadian pancakes this time, three nice and thick pieces. And it looks like there are couple more offering pancakes these days. Stargirl has the details here and here, so take it away! <^;^>

Anyway after brunch, we hung around Orchard before heading to this place at Jalan Batu for an early dinner since we skipped lunch. Great cheap food that's only accessible if you either live there or drive. Bet you can't guess how much for this dinner for four.

Under all that cereal ... chicken!

Cheese-flavored pork! You gotta try it to believe it.

That's duck in that foiled wrap. Ok, not one of my favorites but if you like duck, go for it.

Last dish was a very fresh, very tasty pomfret. Heh, way better than my version and bigger too. Yah, now that's how you do it. Lots of garnishes!

Total cost for the feast, only bout S$60. How's that for cheap and good food? Dessert was a ten minute drive to Joo Chiat and a 20-minute search for a parking space. Awfully Chocolate was the destination. Now I'm a pure white choc lover so it's only natural I tried their new (new to me at least) white choc cupcake. Was alright, a little too much cake and not enough white choc. I would stick to their white choc butterscotch block for my next visit.

A sidenote here. I'm actually watching the Food Network channel as I'm blogging this. Damn! I want a Philly cheese steak so bad!