Friday, December 30, 2016

Cavalock and The Unexpected Year In Writing

Happy Holidays! 

Another new year coming up and it's another restock of New Year Japanese Beer at Meidi-Ya. Yup, it's the same as last year so I'm betting it's good enough to warrant a restock.

This has been a rather extraordinary year for writing. In February, I was most fortunate to receive not one but two overseas letters of acceptance for one of my short horror stories. Yes, I had to turn down one of the offers. Then in May, I got an email from publisher Marshall Cavendish wanting to do a photo book featuring me Dad's wildlife pictures. And just when I thought that's it for the year, along came a royalty cheque and an email from a different publisher interested in another of my pieces. Extremely grateful for this unexpected turn in my writing endeavours. I can only hope for such opportunities next year.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Cavalock and The Holiday Balls

Another popular stall that's just a hop and a skip away from my tiny apartment that I only recently made into a regular haunt is the aptly named Beef House, along Syed Alwi Road. Just go for the beef tendon balls, they are great balls. Nice and chewy balls. Delicious balls, not unlike these equally delicious famous balls on YouTube. Ah come on, it's the holiday season and you can't go wrong with a classic! Just watch, you'll thank me later.

So earlier this year, I opened my first and only Instagram account ultron8 as a kinda therapeutic exercise where I try to come up with original Lego vignettes by putting together various Lego pieces. Strangely enough, I'm kinda proud of it as I certainly didn't expect to have that many followers so soon. Back when I was in the creative industry, we were expected to come with creative ideas like a dozen a day, it was mentally exhausting. Right now when I do creative stuff on my "own time and target", it's a lot easier and much more rewarding.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cavalock and The New Old Family Home

Ever since I left the rat race, any subsequent achievements have been more of a personal nature than something work-related. I mean it's no more fancy office projects or work milestones to signify one's life achievements, know what I mean? Instead my accomplishments for the year are extremely minor but more intimate compared to those still working today.

One of the things I'm rather proud of is how the baker-at-home and I finally fixed up my old family home. Transported it from the 1960s to the 21st century! We aren't living there as we got our own little apartment already and yah, if the price is right, who knows? :)

The metal wall ornaments in the above two pictures are or were the backdoor gate and window grills! Our designer/contractor decided to turn them into deco pieces!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cavalock and The Early Amazon Surprise

While two other famous nasi briyani stalls are trying to literally beat each other up, I'm tucking into my nasi briyani at Block 17 Beach Road. The joint ain't exactly new and they have been there for ages, but I have only recently started patronising the place even though it's like a ten minute walk from my apartment.

Huge serving of really fluffy and fragment basmati rice with nice chunks of moist tender chicken. Expect a queue as early as 11am for lunch and we even saw a guy stuff over a dozen packets of nasi briyani into a large travel luggage, zip it up and roll out with it. I suppose it's that good that you would wanna pack enough for your village back home.

It has been a crazy busy and draining week with few bright spots. One being my Amazon delivery arriving a week earlier than expected. Funny thing is they (the local carrier folks) left it outside my apartment. Apparently this is a common practice. I have heard complaints from friends who were absolutely pissed off to find their precious parcels left for hours outside their homes when they returned home from work. So I was out the entire day and came home to find mine outside door. Fortunately everything was intact. But I was still slightly miffed. No phone call or SMS to inform me of the delivery. Nothing, not a beep. The tracking site said it was due next week. But again, since everything turned out fine why kick up a fuss? I have ordered more than couple times from Amazon and all them times, they arrived on time. Anyone else had such an experience with Amazon?