Monday, February 13, 2017

Cavalock and The Catchup Post

Busy or lazy? A little bit of both is probably the reason for the infrequent posts. And there was this local blog article I read a couple weeks ago bout how no one reads blogs any more. Which made me a wee bit hesitant bout posting then I remembered I'm writing this more for myself, to remind myself of the good times than for an audience (real or imaginary) out there. But I still do wonder if anyone reads this blog.

Now I do need to do some writing. Chapters of a short story that I told myself I gotta finish before the end of the month and planting myself with my Macbook at the public library is one way to be productive. Yes, I'm one of those who tend to be easily distracted at home. Of course board gaming is still taking up a huge chunk of my time and I'm loving every minute of it. Was even introduced to three WhatsApp gaming chat groups recently. Maybe I'll do a post on some of the new games I'm into right now.

Anyway the baker-at-home finally brought me to lunch at Ippin Cafe Bar, down Mohamed Sultan Road. I really like this Japanese Restaurant even though we were the only group there for a better part of the afternoon. I'm sure it's way more crowded in the evenings.

I would definitely go for the Ikura don again the next time I'm there. There's so much in this bowl. Same for the grilled oysters. A most satisfying lunch that we had 'walk off' with a short stroll to Meidi-Ya supermarket. 

Sure wasn't expecting this Disney showcase at Meidi-Ya. Lots of Tsum-Tsum products on sale at the supermarket. I don't think you find these particular ones on sale anywhere else. $10 bottle of Calpis Grape anyone?