Friday, July 31, 2009

Cavalock and The Ultimate Fantasy Coffee Party

Another hectic week filled with assignments and training plans, sleeping past 1am every other nite. Argh.....gawd, once this course is over and I make it out in one piece, I'm thinking of throwing the Ultimate Fantasy Coffee Party, yah, and everyone's invited too! Really!

Found myself back at ION again, but this time headed straight down to level B4 for the first time. It's all about food here.

Was there bout 11am, and there was already this long Q for roast meat at Modern Peking Duck. First time I have ever seen a whole freakin' roasted pig inside an Orchard Road food court. Didn't buy any but went for a closer look and the 'blistering' skin looked really, really crispy and yummy! Can't remember if they serve rice meals or just sell the roasted meat.

Thanks to another of Ice's great review, I was drawn to Arinco King's heavenly Caramel Roll. I ain't that good with words so go read her review! <^;^> Every bite is as good as she says! I heard that on some weekdays the Caramel Roll is sold out by 2pm.

Something else I had that was pretty good was the taiyaki (Japanese red bean fish pancake) from where else but The Taiyaki at B4. Unlike the ones you find at every other mall here, this one uses really thin pancake which I like, there's even a chocolate pancake skin. You get a variety of fillings from the usual red bean or custard to new ones like apple cinnamon and banana custard.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cavalock and The Best Vanilla Ice Cream in Town

Yah, I know I told myself I was in no hurry to join the masses at ION Orchard but that's where I was early Saturday morning. Was actually in town to replenish my Nespresso capsule supply, and the original plan was to have lunch at this new French bistro after reading Ice's mouth-watering review. But decided to make a detour at the last minute to ION to check this new gourmet supermarket 360.

Had an uneventful lunch at some teppanyaki/shubu shubu joint in ION, can't find the name card and it wasn't that fantastic so I'll just skip to the supermarket part of the story. Well, it's by the same folks from Marketplace/Cold Storage so you kinda know what to expect. You also got some Dean & Deluca stuff (don't get your hopes up, its not a lot) and the usual organic stuff.

But the best find has gotta be this. Tillamook premium ice cream! Am sure some of you out there already know all about this famous brand. My affogato is sure gonna kick some major ass now!!!

And speaking of my Nespresso, what do you guys think of this.

Espresso + rum = Good idea or bad idea?

*Doh* I forgot to drop by the Nespresso shop in ION!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cavalock Does Something Fishy

When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes make some Bird's-Eye fish fingers for me. Couldn't find any Bird-Eye brand fish fingers at NTUC Fairprice, found this I&J brand instead. Not the best choice, had a very lemony taste to it. Prepared this simple dinner for one a couple of nights ago, with boiled veggies and mashed potatoes. Hope Cold Storage has Bird's-Eye.

Believe it or not, this was only my second time at the popular Old Airport Road food centre. Yah, really, first time was like a few years ago then they closed the place for renovation. Anyway, was there for lunch the other day, totally on impulse, was on the bus and saw that it passed by the place and decided to get off there.

Lots of empty seats during lunch hour. Not becos no one's eating but the place is really huge so there are enough seats for everyone. Figured I'll eat first, explore later. Joined the first Q I saw and its for wanton mee, always a favourite. Best part of my meal were the dumplings, very meaty and full.

Now, check this out, the stall after the next on the right was another wanton mee stall (blue sign). Both stalls have a ton of respective newspaper and TV reviews pasted all over their front stall walls. One had a long Q, the other no Q. But the one without a Q had one of those electronic Q number boards. As a 'first-timer', I'm gonna head to the stall with the long Q, not the stall where no one's seems to be patronizing. Anyway, that's just my theory.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cavalock Sees More See's

Well, look what else I found in my fridge! <^;^> Very sweet caramel wrapped round soft chewy tuffy. Can't go wrong with that.

Found myself back at Seafood Paradise along Defu Lane for dinner last nite. The herbal drunken prawns stole the limelight this time (think there's like 20 in there), the herbal soup was the best ever, and of cos I need my buttery crabs as usual.

Lots of fried buns (mantou) to dip in the ocean of butter sauce. Well, we had other stuff too like pork ribs and tofu with mushrooms, all pretty good but no pix cos hands were too busy peeling the prawns. What I took are pix of the first and last dishes. Hah!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cavalock *Hearts* Affogato

Check this out, saw Nigella making this on her show and it's really the easiest dessert to make in the world. The word 'Affogato' literally means 'drowned' in Italian, and what you have is either ice cream or gelato drowned in hot, steaming espresso.

Oops, ice cream melted a little by the time I took the above pix. Anyway, it's real easy, as long as you have an espresso machine and vanilla ice cream, you are set to go. Made it after dinner, it's just heavenly, all the more so when you know you did it yourself. Oh yah, I just found out another friend has bought a Nespresso too, just last week. Geez, this thing is really catching on. <^;^>

Well, think I scooped too little ice cream this first time, I mean, I looked at some of the online affogato pix, they are like, two big scoops per serving.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cavalock Checks Out His Fridge

Last week's course had us taking a test to see what kinda learner we were. I scored 41 as a visual learner, 28 as a kinaesthetic learner and 20 as an auditory learner. Over 40 indicates a particularly strong style; a score of under 20 means a weak style. And there you have it as to why I never follow verbal instructions! <^;^>

Once again, not much of an opportunity to take any cool food pix. So I took a snap of some new residents in my fridge. BTW, heard a rumor that Wasabi Teh at Far East is closing soon, any truth?

Well yah, of cos I have healthy stuff in there too. But this bunch turned out a little sour.

Was at Queenstown Library last week and noticed this. Just thought it was pretty strange to find a steamboat and wine bar right next to the local penitentiary. You can see the barbwire fences of Queenstown Prison right on the left.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Cavalock and The Mystery Pasta Topping

Been super busy with tons of project work right now so it's no surprise that I haven't got time to post any new food stuff. Its all hawker food or home cooked meals (by yours truly, of course) for me until the weekend when I don't feel so guilty eating out.

So imagine my little surprise when my first non-hawker meal came with this suspicious-looking topping. Hah! My guess is some miso topping but once you mixed it up with the pasta cream sauce, you can't really tell what it is.

Anyway, was reading the papers a couple of weeks ago and there was an article bout the 'new' thing that families are doing for fun cos of the recession. 'Staycations' instead of vacations, where families spend the weekend in local hotels instead of going for a overseas holiday. Now what I don't get is why do that in the first place? I mean, I can understand that it's cheaper but what's the kick?

As a family and I'm talking bout those with kids here, you already have your very own apartment so why spend over a hundred bucks to do the same thing you do every weekend in a different bedroom? Just for the pool and breakfast? Is that really worth a hundred bucks?

Look, believe me when I say I can understand the kick, thrill or fun of spending the night in a fancy hotel BUT only if you don't have your own apartment. When I was living with my folks, I did that more than a couple of times. Spend Saturday nite away from the family (I bet my folks could also do with some time away from me too, heh), and we'll leave what went on in my hotel room up to the imagination as this is still a PG-rated blog. <^;^> As you can see, I used to like to collect the room breakfast menus although it's always the breakfast buffets that I look forward to in the morning.

But now that I got my own apartment, there's no way I will spend money on a 'staycation'.