Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cavalock and The Missed Maggots Incident

So it was my second day back in the office and when it was time for lunch, I asked if we were going to the usual coffee shop across the road. Someone said, "We are not going there." I asked, "Why?". They said. "Oh yah, you haven't heard, you were away. They got maggots in the rice."

MAGGOTS?!? Hah, apparently a colleague's friend had lunch from the economy rice stall and maggots came spewing out of his mouth. Well, whenever I'm there, I always had the prawn noodles or indian rice, so I wasn't that concerned but apparently the whole office has stopped patronizing the entire coffee shop.

Yah, I know it's sad but I think that's the most interesting food story I got for the week. :P

Oh yah, was at Isetan this weekend and there wasn't any Japanese fair on but a European food fair instead. Saw some pork knuckles and 'crackling' pork on sale and bought them. Not as salty as our local Chinese crispy pork.

Time for a little flashback. Found my old fencing school homepage and saw these pix of me, was like exactly 10 years ago, I think. These pix are as clear as they come.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cavalock and The Home Alone Syndrome

Well, was back in the office today after a week being laid up at home cos of my sprained ankle. And the general consensus was that I hurt myself chasing some girl or didn't see where I was going cos I was looking at some girl, you can see where this is going.

Anyway you would think that being home for an entire week, I would have lots of time to blog but honestly, I didn't really do anything worth blogging about. I still worked from home, on Skype with office, answering emails and watching lots of TV. I like to think that the shows I watch like documentaries and sci-fi series are all part of work.

Geez, so what else did I do? Well, I took pix of my new Iron Man 2 figures, the ones based on the classic comic book series, not the upcoming movies. As usual, grainy pix via iPhone camera.

War Machine was pretty hard to find during the first week. But it's easy now, it's everywhere.

Oh, and speaking of toys, remember my potato chip maker I bought in Tokyo? Well, you can find a very, very similar thing right here now. It's called The Crisp Maker from Let's Cook toys, it's one of those cooking toys that actually work. As you can see from my pix and the toy pix, they both use the same tray to put your potato slices, and then you just microwave them. You can find them at most toy shops like Toys R Us I think, saw them at Takashimaya and Metro toys departments. Man, check out their official site, am pretty tempted to get the cereal bar maker. Hah!

So back to food, managed to snap some more random food pix. Nice dessert to have at home.

A very well-deserved flat white at Plaza Singapura on my first day out.

Then lunch at Tonkichi on Sunday. Best meal all week.

Whew! Managed to grab some stuff on the last day of the Kinokuniya sale.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cavalock and The Ankle Accident

Well, if you have read my Twitter posts you would know that I sprained my ankle Monday night on my way home from People's Park. Missed a step, slipped and almost fell that kinda thing, nothing as dramatic as saving the world or anything like that.

Oh, and this was what I had for dinner minutes before it happened. My first Hakka Yong Tau Foo meal. The only reason I gave it a try was cos there was a long but fast-moving Q, and I remembered watching some TV show bout it. Not bad and the noodles made it very filling.

Anyway, after I slipped, there was this piercing pain and there was no way I could walk anymore so after hopping (literally) onto a bus home, I took a cab to Raffles Hospital A&E ward. No Q at all and I was in and out in a half-hour.

Now on a week's MC and been working from home. Talking on Skype with the guys from LA and our office here. I luv this gig, where else can I send official emails with the word 'werewolves' in them? <^;^>

Since then, I been posting quite a bit on Facebook and gathering quite a fair bit of comments from friends. Thanks for all them crazy comments, some were pretty hilarious. So just cos I have nothing else to write right now, here are my Facebook posts in chronological order.

Just back from raffles hospital. Sprained ankle, bedridden for a week. So who wants to buy me lunch?

So while I was being wheeled in and out of x-ray, i pretended i was Prof. X.....really

So when the doc looked at my x-Ray n said no broken bones, I asked him then why does it hurt so much? Then suddenly I felt like Wolverine with the unbreakable bones...really

So it's like Hitchcock's Rear Window right now except i don't have a telescope, and i still can't walk but i get to look into people's windows while in my jammies. Close enough?

Feels strange watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' while laid up with a sprained ankle, like you wanna yell 'No, I don't' to the TV....

So the original plan WAS to not shave or shampoo for the entire week since I'm gonna be stuck indoors till next week. I mean, I'm not gonna be running around outdoors, sweating rite?

So I wore my Flash t-shirt to the hospital just now for my review. Figured it would be real funny to see a limping guy in a Flash t-shirt. Oh, the irony...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cavalock and The Flashback Experience

Back in 2006, I blogged bout one of my early jobs and how it was the best working experience, a dream job. Well, recently I found one of the American ex-colleague Will's blogs and he has pretty much written out everything that happened there like more than 10 years ago, how the dream started and went horribly wrong. Will and all the Americans were really nice guys and I was one of the local guys working on the game.

It's a long read but if you weed through it all, you'll see a short paragraph of yours truly in there.
"His writing was odd and original, and he definitely had the Cyberpunk feel down." Hah, not gonna argue bout that.

Was looking at some of old posts while searching for the job post, and thought it would like four years ago, geez, what was I thinking when I posted this.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cavalock and The Applebees Disaster

Saw that the new Applebees restaurant at Somerset had opened earlier in the week, and dropped in for lunch. I mean, it's one of those gotta-try-it-at-least-once kinda thing, since I never had it when I was in the U.S. years ago.

So how was it? Well, it's not somewhere I see myself going to anytime soon. The food was average at best but the price ... yikes! Don't wanna sound like a cheapskate but lunch for two with two mains, one starter and two drinks was a little over a hundred bucks. Yah, I know I had the ribeye (as usual) but still that sure didn't taste like an over $30 ribeye to me. It was ok, at least they had A1 sauce on hand.

Next time I'll just have a steak at Botak Jones around the corner then head to Applebees for drinks. Geez, for over $100 I could have had a real kick@$$ Japanese meal. Oh, and the starter arrived like 10 minutes after both mains were served. WTF?!?

Anyway, week has been kinda busy with work and stuff. Took a bunch of random pix and well, here you go. As usual, all pix with the iPhone.

It's strawberry season again in Japan. Saw this at Isetan last weekend and it kinda reminded me that this time last year, I was having a blast in Tokyo. Was really cold and my hands, fingers were all freezing, had to run into a 7-11 to buy a pair of oversized gloves.

My trusty Samsung vacuum cleaner, probably the only Korean product in my apartment. Yup, am not a big fan of Korean stuff or food but the vacuum cleaner has served me well for like, 5 years now. Yes, I probably jinxed it now :P . The plastic tube that collects the dust directly is the best part cos I can just clean that instead of changing the bag all the time.

I guess you could say this is my salaryman dinner for one. Not the best sushi but it's just across the road from the office and maybe once a fortnight if I'm working late, I'll pop in for dinner before heading home.

My old prata stall at the Waterloo Street food complex is back. But I forgot how much I spent on that breakfast and I can't update my little budget now. Anyway, another place to head to for good and cheap weekend breakfast.

Finally, this one ought to be interesting once it's done.....