Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cavalock and The iPad Screen Switcharoo

It's been almost a week since I got my iPad and it's everything I dreamt it would be. I'll gush bout it in another post. Meanwhile I been reading up on the iPad in the local forums. Seems like at least one shop at our infamous Sim Lim Square is known to be pulling this little iPad scam.

Here's how it works. Most of the time when someone buys an iPad, they'll head to Sim Lim Square for accessories like screen protectors and cases. The scam involves the iPad screen protectors.

After paying for your iPad screen protector, the shop would usually offer to immediately apply it to your iPad for free, on-the-spot. Once that's done, the shop will then 'throw' out the empty wrappers, packaging etc. and you'll leave the place thinking everything is fine.

What you don't know is that the shop would be keeping the empty packaging and 'recycling' it by slipping in another cheaper screen protector of a different brand. The reason they insist on putting the screen protector in the shop for you, is they don't want you taking eveything home and finding out that it ain't from the brand you bought.

So when you think you are paying for a S$40 anti-glare iPad screen protector, that could really be a simple S$20 clear sheet protector.

Well, it's not all that bad at Sim Lim, I managed to get this iPad case after a little bit of bargaining. It's thin and light so I can slip it in my backpack.

Comes in real handy at home when I need to look at two screens for work.

Ok, food time again! Just a little something I spotted Orchard Ion shopping mall. Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao! Now I don't mind trying that (definitely not going for the 'Cheesy' one). Hey, I did my homework on them ducks long ago and I know both sides of the story. So is this a 'WTF', 'Interesting' or even 'Yummy'?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cavalock and The Wash Pole Collision

Whoa, it's that time of the year again. National Day is just round the corner and if you have have been around this blog for awhile, you know it's time to check out our country's wash pole patriot.

Looks like this year, he or she decided to go for a little veranda kinda look. Was kinda hoping to snap a shot with some undies or unmentionables draped over the flag or something. Yah, I think this at least deserves a 'WTF' tick below. <^;^>

On the food front, there's never been a better time to have a hearty, cheap western breakfast than now. Used to be McDonald's was the only place to get a cheap breakfast meal around here but these days, you are just spoilt for choice.

Recently I been to Coffee Bean's 1 for 1 deals, now that's good value. And also to Coffee Club for their breakfast meals. So I was back at Coffee Club yesterday morning and had their buttermilk waffles and apple (or blueberry) compote for only S$7. A McD's hotcakes meal is what? S$4 or S$5 with their premium coffee? A couple of bucks more and you get this. I thought it was a pretty good deal.

Yah, you'll get your usual coffee or tea too. I think it's great that there are so many choices now. But really, my favorite breakfast has still gotta be just the simple prata, as evident here, here and here. :P

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cavalock and The San Diego Comic Con Screwup

Figured I'll do a nerd post to celebrate San Diego Comic Con this week in the US. Since my trip there got messed up by the people in charge, I thought maybe I'll just post a little more than usual geeky stuff.

Geeky thing I did yesterday was to stroll down to Epicenter around noon and try my luck at snagging an iPad. As expected, the one I wanted was gone. No big deal really (otherwise I would have Q-ed much earlier) and since they are now taking pre-orders, I placed my deposit immediately.

Someone asked me if I was gonna get the iPhone 4 but I'm still locked in my iPhone 3GS teleco contract. Anyway if I got an iPhone 4, I wouldn't be able to fit this official 3GS Flash case over it. Geddit? Flash on my iPhone? I can say I got Flash on my iPhone...cos the iPhone doesn't support Flash Adobe, funny rite?....oh, nevermind....:P

Now after years of holding out, I finally caved in and started downloading and reading the latest DC/Marvel comic books online. Thanks to sites like comic invasion dot blog spot. The next step would be to get them over to the iPad instead of reading them on the desktop iMac.

Here's some really nerdy news. The guys are currently into Nerf guns, I mean, really into them. I'm talking bout a dozen guys in their 20s and 30s, some married with kids and running and screaming around the condo gardens shooting form darts at each other. I missed the inaugural shootout a couple of weeks ago but might try to make it for the second one next month. Oh, you can bet I'm gonna post something bout it...

Maybe I haven't been out lately but is this new? Looks really good. Tempted again but I don't see myself getting it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cavalock and The Food Cable Dilemma

Its been almost a month since we got the Food Network (Asia version) channel on cable here and after watching the shows, all I can say is ...meh... I'll still go for the Asia Food channel if I wanna learn how to cook something or be entertained by the celebrity chefs. Right now there are only two shows on the Food Network that I like and even then I don't make it a point to watch every episode of it, the shows are 'Unwrapped' and 'Food Network Challenge'.

'Unwrapped' is a half hour show that looks at popular American processed snacks like It's It, Ben & Jerry's mini cups and cocktail franks. I kinda like it cos it's all just sinful snacks that I don't usually eat a lot of here in Singapore, yah, I know it sounds weird.

'Food Network Challenge' is cool cos sometimes you get to see professional chefs in action, competing against each other, other times you get some small town cook-offs with a bunch of housewives, the latter I avoid. Favorite so far is the sandwich aka super hero challenge. Four chefs, four timed rounds. Cold, Hot, Panini and Signature sandwich. Really had me dying for a lobster roll sandwich plus me wanting to get a Panini machine so badly.

So I finally made my return to Tom's Palatte this week. That's salted caramel cheesecake there. Had my heart set on my fav blueberry cheesecake but no such luck that night. Was alright but did I ask for two flavors? Nope, although I was tempted by the apple pie, I'm a one flavor kinda guy which is probably why I'll never be destined for a threesome. :P

Oh yah, as you can see, I did a little revamp here. Feel free to click on those little buttons you see at the bottom of each post! <^;^>

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cavalock and The Dunkin' Discovery

Well, the place I work folded over the weekend and that means about 20 wonderful people are out of jobs. Naturally I'm sad but there were already signs, trip to San Diego Comic Con being cancelled and all that. Local fat boss is a screw-up and not a business kinda guy, if you know what I mean. I guess in this part of the world, setting up a profitable creative company really is harder than it looks.

What is also sad is all the young, incredible foreign creative talent that are in a kinda limbo right now. These people are like waiting to know what to do next, their pay, apartment lease, etc. They are some of the nicest, most talented people I have ever met. As for me, I'm as ok as I can be. Money-wise, I'm debt free and I can always shake my booty to make a couple of bucks again just kidding bout the last part. <^;^> Nah, I won't starve to death. I'll still look for work but in the meantime I'll probably cook more, work out again (finally), spend time with my family, carry out my new slumlo ...oh, I mean, landlord duties and blog more too if anyone is still interested.

Ok, enough of that, let's see some food pix. Look what I found at NTUC Finest, the new one next to Somerest MRT station. Dunkin' Donuts coffee powder! Since I got my Nespresso machine, I got no use for coffee powder but this is my first time seeing it here. With the Killeney Road one, now I got two NTUC supermarkets near my other home. Why two? I dunno.

Was also at Vivo City last week, I swear the only thing good bout that mall are the food joints. Ate at that No Signboard seafood restaurant for the first time and whoa, check out that deco! Damn right they'll be serving you seafood!

We ordered quite a bit, starting with the S$8 oyster, I think it was S$8. Nice, big and juicy although it couldn't beat the one I had at Borough Market last year.

The cereal prawns is another winner. After this pix and dish, came the crabs both buttered and white pepper. No pix for them cos after stuffing myself with the prawns, my sticky fingers were in no condition to be touching my iPhone. :P

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Cavalock and The Fellowship Singalong

I said this before, when I started this blog, it's gonna be bout stuff that I like, stuff that makes me happy and boy, did I enjoy myself on Tuesday night when I finally met up again with the guys. Cos of my mom and all, I haven't been meeting up with the guys for games and meals for a long time. Anyway, before dinner a few of us met up at Serene Center to check out the remains of Comics Mart, that's where most of us used to get our stuff. Man, the shop is really gone and the only thing separating us and boxes of comics and games was a cheap little combination lock. Was real tempted to add breaking and entering to my resume. <^;^>

Anyway, we drove to Greenwood, was my first time there, quaint little place. It was a geek fest. Seven guys, six iPhones, three iPads, one private dining room. We rocked that little room with 80s cartoon tunes, memories of the gazillion games we played, the thousands of $$$ we spent on them, news on the latest pop culture, plus all the Japanese food we can eat. My friend can recite the entire Greedo speech, alien word for word, just before Han fires. And also the famous rock paper scissors lizard Spock scene from our favorite sitcom, Big Bang Theory.

scissors cuts paper
paper covers rock
rock crushes lizard
lizard poisons spock
spock smashes scissors
scissors decapitates lizard
lizard eats paper
paper disproves spock
spock vapourizes rock
rock crushes scissors

We found out that none of us really got Twilight, one of us subscribed to Paris Hilton's tweets and all of us are itching for a Nerf shootout real soon. Was really fun. After dinner, all seven of us piled into the wagon, still challenging each other on our iPads and iPhones. If there are any safety violation laws on driving and playing iPhone games at the same time, we definitely broke them.

Time for another Meidi-Ya sighting. Here's something I saw during lunch. Looks so good but I didn't buy it. Super Thick Shake for all you milkshake lovers, I know there are a couple of milkshake shops around the island so I guess this might be a good alternative.

I guess all you gotta do is pour the choc pieces into the shake. Stir it up and it's done.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Cavalock and The Child Free Hypothesis

Yessssss, so finally I have been validated! I always knew this was true, been telling folks but not everyone agreed with me. So there! All Joy and No Fun: Why parents hate parenting.

A very well-written article by New York Magazine. Countless studies have shown that having kids are making more people unhappy and it's just sad that most people refuse to believe this. I don't wanna slip into an incoherent rant here so I'll just pick some quotes from the story.

'Most people assume that having children will make them happier. Yet a wide variety of academic research shows that parents are not happier than their childless peers, and in many cases are less so. This finding is surprisingly consistent, showing up across a range of disciplines.'

'Healthy relationships definitely make people happier. But children adversely affect relationships.'

'Lori Leibovich, the executive editor of Babble and the anthology Maybe Baby, a collection of 28 essays by writers debating whether to have children, says she was particularly struck by the female contributors who’d made the deliberate choice to remain childless. It enabled them to travel or live abroad for their work; to take physical risks; to, in the case of a novelist, inhabit her fictional characters without being pulled away by the demands of a real one. “There was a richness and texture to their work lives that was so, so enviable,” she says.'

'Before urbanization, children were viewed as economic assets to their parents. If you had a farm, they toiled alongside you to maintain its upkeep; if you had a family business, the kids helped mind the store. But all of this dramatically changed with the moral and technological revolutions of modernity.'

Now before you think I'm just taking the quotes to support myself, read the article, it's all there. And we know there's no country with a crazier rat race for parents and kids than this country!

Alright, some food bits now. Did managed to drop by Nando's again when it wasn't that crowded. Half a chicken is just nice for me. Not exactly a place I would keep going but for roasted or grilled chicken, it's way better than Kenny Roger's.

Had breakfast on Saturday morning at Coffee Bean and they have this one-for-one offer that I thought was a steal. Two breakfasts for the price of one. Thought it was only on weekdays but the (almost deserted) outlet at Orchard Central still had it last Saturday.

A little geeking out over the weekend too. Bought almost S$60 worth of Call of Cthulhu products. Best part was finding out the iPhone auto spellchecks the word 'Cthulhu', how cool is that?