Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Cavalock and The May MishMash Roundup

Feels like ages since I wrote anything here. Been busy with new and old stuff, some I like, others not so much. Well, more stuff I like than not which I guess is a good thing. The Baker-at-Home and I got to drop by Bread Street Kitchen for their popular Beef Wellington Pie which she learnt how to prepare from Masterclass organised by Bread Street last month.

Not bad but little too dry so I had to kinda go crazy with the sauce there. Their fish and chips is still one of my favourites here. Always a good enough place for dinner at MBS.

The aim of the month was to try as many new things as possible and one of those was me attending a reformer class. If you ain't sure what that is, go Google it. I ain't making it easy for you since the reformer sure as hell didn't make it easy for me. Not that the workouts were tough, just that I was the only guy (as in the only male) in the class and me being naturally self conscious to the max, it was ...well, rather uncomfortable. Reminder to self: Never wear short shorts to a reformer class, wear track pants!

First time for everything. A few weekends ago, I snapped and posted my first selfie on Facebook. It's something I have never done before and also something I absolutely detest doing. The only reason I did it was cos it was the only way to get the above two free ork figures for my Warhammer game.

So yah, I pretty much sold out on my principles for two little plastic figures. I guess it's also a reflection of how low I would go for anything game related and geez, it's lower than I thought. Think how much I was willing to sell out for an entire board game!?! Who's glad I'm not in politics?

In my defence, those two figures are rather fun to paint. They are 'mercenaries' and I could add them to my Order army. Totally useless through except maybe as disposable guys to engage the enemy first to like, tie them up a bit while my main guys move into position.

One of the unique experiences of life in lazy breezy Pasir Ris. No, not my neighbourhood. Sweet muther of gawd, no, just no.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Cavalock and The April Board Game Blowout

Finally made our way to new steak joint Wolfgang at Riverside for lunch couple weeks ago and after that experience, this is gonna be our go-to place for a fancy steak meal instead of Bedrock at Somerset. They are both kinda in the same price range and I much prefer the ambience at Wolfgang as well as the more attentive wait staff. Of cos, gawd damn bestest steaks we had here in Singapore in a long time.

Funny thing is we almost stepped into a Wolfgang back in Tokyo last year. It was right after our visit to the Snoopy Museum at Roppongi and we walked pass the restaurant just as they were opening for lunch. But after we looked at the price and also since we had just spent a small fortune on Snoopy merchandise, we just kept on walking. Heh!

Last month April turned out to be an excellent month for board gaming. Since the beginning of the year, I have been keeping track of the tabletop or board games I played and last month I played 39 games, from 25 different titles. And out of those 39 games, only 10 of them were mine. The rest were friends' copies. I still got more than a few unplayed games in my collection but this here is a way of making sure I'm playing the games I bought. And of cos it's always important to be doing the things one enjoys.

Santa Maria, a little brain burner of a game but still lotsa fun. Also, one of the few games that I actually won.

Monday, May 07, 2018

Cavalock and The Labour Day Sensibilities

Slowly settling back into a routine, the subtle kind of normalcy that I believe most people crave for but are just too afraid to say out loud in today's world. It's alright to not wanna be super ambitious or 'king of the hill'. Anyway I got back to my 'own-time-own-target' writing and the Baker-at-Home got to do what she does best. As in last week, she baked this here apricot bread while I was busy putting together a mobile game project for a friend.

It's not unusual to forget that the rest of the world celebrates Labour Day in different ways. This year we got a chance to spend Labour Day holiday at a friend's home for a good ol' burger BBQ. I guess that's how they do it in the US, non? Helped ourselves to some cheesy delicious home made meat patties. And there's a huge blueberry lemon cake that's not in the picture too. Plus that's real honest porky bacon down there, not some pseudo turkey crap.

Guess I still can't stop mentioning bout this year's Japan trip just yet. Hah! One of my best buys, a handy Snoopy and gang tote bag that's huge enough for two boardgames!

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Cavalock and The Home Break Catchup

Believe it or not, there's still a ton of pix and tales from this last Japan vacation but I figured 13 or is it 14 posts bout the trip is enough. Hah! Been a crazy busy few weeks since we got back. I got sick, got better. Bought more boardgames from Amazon Prime. The Baker-at-Home attended a beef wellington course at Bread Street over at Marina Bay Sands several weeks ago.

Absolutely enjoyed herself. The class prepared their individual beef wellingtons in the afternoon and had them for dinner later. It really looked impressive from the photos she took. Speaking of photos, me Dad has been snapping more wildlife pix all across the island. His stakeout at Bishan park got him these shots.