Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cavalock and The Hungry Panda Takeover

Friday night at some hip joint? Geez, it has been ages since I did that but that's where I was when I got to drop by Bird Bird for dinner at Ann Siang Road a couple weeks ago. There's already a buncha articles written about this place bout how so we decided to try it out. Couple of items really stood out.  Alright, not exactly the best pix but the Unami Corn is really good. Nicely grilled with sriracha, mayo and shrimp floss. A little spicy but very addictive. Then there's the deconstructed Big Mac that's simply a Big Mac burger, complete with cheese on top and pickles inside, taken apart and with rice instead of buns, and wagyu beef too. Not bad and very filling, was absolutely stuffed.

Another thing I liked about that night was how they, as in the authorities closed Ann Siang Road. Cool vibe to it although it could do with more locals if you know what I mean. <^;^>

So remember this from my last post? Well, the baker-at-home had an idea and changed it to this. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cavalock and The Childhood Mystic Book

Busy last couple of weeks with all them writing to do, taking care of my Dad and with what little spare time I got, I was putting together Lego blocks to de-stress. Here's something for Chinese New Year.

It has been awhile since I posted an update bout the stuff I been unearthing in the old family home so here's an old made-in-China ukulele from the 1960s (I think). Made a ruckus almost everyday with it. And I thought it was gone since the last time I saw it was when I was in primary school just before I moved out of the old family home. Then late last year, I was clearing up more trash and I found this wrapped in old newspaper on top of a cupboard.

Here's something more surreal. A Thai fortune-telling book passed down from generations, torn pages held together with scotch-tape. I recall having made to pick numbers every birthday morning when I was just a little kid. Oh yah, there were always a ton of mystical relics in the old family home, I just never posted any here till now. <^;^>

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cavalock and The Piss Alley Similarity

Talk about a hole-in-the-wall joint, I finally found the time to drop by Bincho last week, thanks to reservation made by the baker-in-the-house. This is little narrow joint in Tiong Bahru serving really neat Japanese food. It's so cramp that it reminded me of dinner in Tokyo's Pissing Alley but in a good way. Top marks for ambience if you like noir kinda dining cos that's what it sorta reminds me of. Plus they got quite a display of Japanese booze. Good Japanese food in an intimate environment.

So we had the above Negi Toro and Yakitori Don set lunches and several sides which we enjoyed but we reminded ourselves we gotta try their beef next time cos that's we believe is their speciality right?Yah, it ain't exactly the cheapest food in town but we thought it was worth it.

You gotta love the entrance to the place. You just can't get more inconspicuous than that.

Anyway, with Chinese New Year coming right up, I thought I'll post something I found in the old family home last week. It's a newspaper cutting from 1987. Yah, 198 *freakin'* 7.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Cavalock and The CNY Preemptive Strike

I had no idea yesterday when I skipped across the border to Tijuana Johor Bahru that the nearest mall City Square next to the Causeway just started their Chinese New Year food fair. Damn, I still ain't used to how insanely cheap everything is in Tijuana JB. Now I don't ever indulge in any snacking during the CNY period but the baker-in-the-house and I just couldn't resist grabbing these 3 jars of snacks for only S$20 total. Just one regular container in Singapore would cost almost S$20!

Even Japanese budget chain Daiso is cheaper! Taking the current 3X currency exchange, Daiso items cost less than S$2. And there are some stuff like storage boxes that I have not seen back home.

Remember this? Yah, I can never get enough of the wacky stuff over in Tijuana JB. Damn, I forgot to snap a pix of what's in the Clever Spices pack!

Hey look, Jenny's Cookies from Hong Kong (nope) going at a ridiculously low price in Tijuana JB. Cos it has teddy bears on the tin so it's gotta be Jenny's (not really). Also, the cookies look just like Jenny's Cookies (no, it doesn't).

Monday, January 04, 2016

Cavalock and The Abominable New Year Post

* Watching Sherlock: The Abominable Bride while blogging this *

Always a good thing when a popular Japanese restaurant opens in the heart of Orchard Road. The Sushi Bar in Takashimaya opened middle of last year but I only managed to drop by for dinner in the last week of 2015. The seasonal tuna belly don was heavenly and being in Orchard, it's still reasonably priced. And the dinner queue gets pretty crazy too so it's probably a good idea to make it a early dinner if you can.

If you know me or read some of my previous posts, you would know what a huge Star Wars fan I am. So this was quite a neat thing I received from Japan. Star Wars face towels, and they come in a plastic container designed to resemble lightsaber!

Geez, now don't get me started on the new Star Wars movie. I can definitely live with the fact that it's a reboot of the original first movie that my Dad brought me to when I was just a kid. I rather enjoyed it even if it ticked every box in the New Hope scorecard. Now what I found rather amusing was all the hype surrounding the Captain Phasma, a female villain soooo hyped by everyone involved in the movie that you would be led to believe this was going to some memorable kickass villain on par with Boba Fett. Unfortunately she hardly lived up to the hype at all, now all she did was maybe prove that if you point a gun at a woman's head, no matter how tough she is, she'll do anything for you, even turn off the shield deflector. True story, before the movie came out, collectors were hoarding tons of Captain Phasma figures and toys, a couple of days after the release, folks were dumping them at cost price online! That's probably the only major letdown in the movie.

How's this for a belated Christmas gift? No, not the game. I bought the below boardgame Five Tribes ages ago. On New Year's Eve, the game designers released new rules for a solo Five Tribes game. Extremely challenging and just how I like to spend NewYear's Eve night, in a battle of wits with who else but myself. Now if anyone wants a regular game of Five Tribes just let me know!